Announcing A New Way to Win Cash on the Givling Trivia Game App

Who wants more ways to win money?

We all do!

That’s the quick gist of what has changed.

Read their official announcement here.

Basically they have “NEW: Frequent random drawings for $500 cash”.

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More from the Official FAQ:

How does the new cash random drawing work?

The new random cash drawing is simple.  Play 10 FreePlay trivia games in a rolling 30 days to earn the gold star on the Givling app.  Once you achieve and maintain the gold star, you’re automatically entered in all random cash drawings.

How big is the random cash drawing prize? How often does it occur?

The random cash drawing will vary in size, dependent on our revenue.  However, we estimate an initial daily prize of $500, growing over time to multiple daily cash prizes of various amount.  The more we grow, the bigger they will become!

How do I know if I won?

We’ll post the winner’s names on Facebook and in the Message center, within the Givling app.  Furthermore, you’ll be contacted by Givling via email to claim the prize. You’ll have 5 calendar days to claim the prize, otherwise you forfeit the winnings.

If I win the cash random drawing, am I still eligible to win the random $10,000 drawing for a student loan or mortgage?

Yes! You can win both the cash random drawing and the $10,000 random drawing for a student loan or mortgage.”

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Well actually…

Technically I shouldn’t be here…

Actually, I shouldn’t “be” anywhere.

But besides that… I really shouldn’t be here.

Like here now typing this.

The deal is that I died.

Well, not specifically….

I should have died.

Many times over.

But yet, I am alive.

And yet we’ve come a long way since that day.

Stepping Out: A fictional story

So I’ve noticed some of my fiction stories I have published elsewhere have not been posted here, so here is one and contingent on the response there may be more.


Joel wondered how much force it would take to get his pencil to penetrate his skull if he slammed his head down on it.

Part 1 Audio


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He had carefully steadied it on the eraser end and knew that aiming for his eye would be his best bet.

School was always boring to Joel.

The teacher always took too long to explain everything and by the time she repeated it the third or fourth time, he had already drifted off into a daydream.

The teacher’s desk was about three feet high and Joel reckoned he could easily jump clear over it. Especially if he had got a good running start.

Joel was intensely interested in mixed martial arts and envisioned incorporating it into his future somehow. He knew his jumping skills would come in handy. Joel had no specific military ambitions, but had an ingrained idea of having his body trained in a sort of combat readiness because you know… just in case.

“And that is why when you multiply mixed number it helps to first change them to improper fractions,” Mrs. Howell finished her lecture.

Mrs. Howell was the least bothersome of Joel’s teachers.

At least she let him have the homework at the start of class so he could get it done at school.

Nothing got under his skin more than having his teachers yap all class about the stuff he already read the night before and then at the last minute before the bell they would pass out a stack of papers for homework.

“I mean come on…,” Joel lamented to his buddy Trevor on the way to lunch, “we are at school at least seven hours a day already. Why should we have to go home and do more work?” Joel asked rhetorically.

Trevor just shook his head side to side and gave Joel a look of shared frustration.

“I think if we could figure out a way to learn some other way we would all be better off.”

He didn’t mind school as much as Joel, but he did agree that it sometimes seemed as if it was just a waste of time. Especially on nice days when being outside would be more preferable to sitting around in a stuffy classroom.

“What are you going to get?” queried Trevor, adding, “I hope they have pizza!”

“Probably just some of those weird chicken nuggets,” Joel said with slight disgust.
As the two of them turned the corner into the cafeteria, they saw what was on the other student’s trays. This recognition turned into pure joy.

“Chicken fried steak!” they both shouted simultaneously and high-fived each other.

Rushing toward the lunch line, Joel spotted Victoria out of the corner of his eye.

Victoria had blonde hair and green eyes and was a major distraction to Joel’s academic focus.

Whatever else he might have been thinking about was thrown out the window once he caught sight of the girl of his fancy.

“Hey there’s Victoria,” Trevor teased. “Are you going to ask her to the dance next week or what?”

The color drained from Joel’s face at the thought of actually talking to a girl. He knew he was interested in the fairer sex, but the act of speaking to someone he liked filled him with feelings of embarrassment that sent trembles through his nerves.

The eighth-grade winter ball was fast approaching.

This fact had caused Joel to formulate a strategy of attending this event with a date.

But not just any date, he wanted to go with Victoria.

Part 2 Audio

His throat started to dry up. His lips were cracking.

He couldn’t find the words.

SO Part 2
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Joel was worried about his ineptitude in conversing with girls.

Although he did well academically, Joel was not a ladies man.

And he didn’t know how to dance.

“I… I want to ask her,” Joel replied, returning to reality.

“I just haven’t gotten up the guts to call her yet.”

“Man she sure is pretty,” Trevor remarked. “I probably won’t go though, just stay at home or something.”

The boys paid for their meals and headed for their usual table next to the snack bar on the east side of the cafeteria.

As they sat down, Randy walked up with his sack lunch and plopped down across the table from them.

“Hey Randy!” they said in near unison.

“How’s it goin’?” Randy asked almost automatically.

“You know,” Joel started, “just the same as always.”

“Good,” Trevor chimed in. “We were just talking about the dance,” he said as he took a bite of his meal.

“Oh yeah,” Randy replied. “I think I might go by myself. You know to see what’s going on, maybe there will be food,” he remarked as he hungrily poured out the contents of his lunch sack on the table and began to arrange the items in the order he was going to eat them.

“Are you going?” he asked to no one in particular.

“Probably not,” Trevor said and took a drink of his red juice.

“I want to go,” Joel joined in, adding, “I was thinking about asking Victoria but I don’t know.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Randy blurted.

“Whata’ mean?” Joel fired back.

“Victoria is a cheerleader dude. Why she probably doesn’t even know who you are.”

That sent Joel into another daydream.

He had thought of the possibility that she might not even know him. They had had at least one class together over the last three years of school so there was a chance she know him, he speculated.

However, he hadn’t ever really talked to her and she was usually surrounded with her other friends all the time.

Joel concluded that the dance would be his best chance to get to know her.

“I guess she might now know me,” he admitted. “But we have had classes together,” he added to his defense.

“Plus, I am going to just call her this weekend,” he boldly claimed.

“We’ll see,” Randy skeptically responded.

This left Joel with a sense that he had inadvertently got himself into some sort of bet that he didn’t know how to back out of if he ended up chickening out.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch.

The boys got up to clear their trash from the table.

“Do you think he really is going to call her?” Randy asked lowering his voice as he pulled Trevor aside.

Trevor shrugged his shoulder. “I don’t know… maybe,” he said as they exited the lunch room and parted ways to go back to their classes.

Part 3 Audio

His head hit the desk with a loud thud!

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Joel realized he had fallen asleep in class again.

He sat up.

The rest of that school day passed with little more than Joel being assigned to read 100 pages of a novel in English class, a couple of Science worksheets, and a Chapter 11 U.S. History review.

This was shaping up to be some weekend, Joel rued.

On top of the school work, Joel was looking forward to a Saturday baseball game at six o’clock and would probably catch a movie with his family over the weekend.

Also, Joel remembered he had to call Victoria.

The four o’clock bell rang signaling the end of the school day.

Joel carelessly shoved the papers from on top of his desk into his backpack and headed out of the classroom door where he caught up to his friend Randy.

“One hundred pages!” Randy exclaimed. “Like I’m going to sit inside all weekend! I’ve got things to do you know,” he added.

“That’s really not that much,” interjected Trevor as he trotted to catch up with Joel and Randy in the hall. “Plus you’ll probably be sitting inside playing video games all weekend anyways,” he predicted.

“Yeah, but that’s different,” protested Randy.

“Not really,” Joel weighed in. “I just don’t see why we have to do that History review. The test isn’t going to be until next Tuesday.”

“It’s always good to be prepared,” Trevor dutifully reiterated parroting their teachers. “Hey could you guys wait up while I grab my trumpet from the Band Hall?”

“Yeah we’ll be outside,” Joel called over his shoulder as he and Randy crossed the threshold of the school doors.

“You and Trevor should come over and stay the night,” Randy suggested as they waited on the school’s front steps.

“That’d be cool I guess,” Joel said. “I would have to ask my mom first.”

Trevor rejoined the two boys and they enjoyed the sunshine as they walked home happy it was Friday afternoon.

“You have to call her,” both Trevor and Randy pressured Joel.

Joel sat on a couch in Randy’s room holding his cell phone.

“Maybe I should text her,” Joel delayed.

“Lame,” both Trevor and Randy protested.

“Call her already,” Randy egged on Joel.

Joel clicked open his list of contacts.

Even though he never really talked to Victoria before, he had her number because they were in a group project together last school year.

Joel found her name.


His thoughts drifted as he rehearsed what he was going to say.

Randy reached over and hit the “Call” button.

“Hey!” Joel reacted and punched Randy on the shoulder.

The phone began to ring.

“Uh…hello,” came the voice of the young girl.

“Uh hey, ummm… this is Joel, from your Science class,” Joel awkwardly began. “And… well… the reason I called is that, well… the dance, do you, will you go to the dance next week with me?”

Victoria wasn’t surprised.

She had been tipped off from her friends that the nerdy guy from Science class was going to ask her out.

“Victoria?” Joel asked in the silence.

Victoria was conflicted.

She wanted to go to the dance but didn’t have a date yet. Also, she didn’t want to say no and hurt this guy’s feelings, but she didn’t really know him.

“Uh…,” she hesitated.

“Well the thing is… I don’t know how to say this really. I… well we don’t really know each other and the thing is… thank you for asking, but I don’t want to go to the dance with you.”

Joel politely replied, “Thanks,” and hung up the phone embarrassed.

He sat there stunned.

Trevor and Randy looked just as shocked.

“Well wanna get some ice cream?” Trevor helpfully suggested.

This ends this story, but more great work will be coming soon.


Written by Michael Paine

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Fuzzy Goals

I am not sure of all the things I want to accomplish this year, but I have started making some fuzzy goals.

Hopefully I will be able to clarify them as time goes on.

But most likely I will end the year where I started, with fuzzy goals.

Hopefully they will be new ones.

How ’bout you?