I took a programming class in high school. It included C++ and not much that is relevant today, but to me it was fun, beyond the normal nerd fun of learning, but creative fun. You typed in a secret like code and things happened on the computer.

I was the kinda kid that would take things apart (and sometimes get them together again). I love to explore things. I spent hours looking at one of  the “How Things Work” books.  I still like to tinker with code but not in the same way I once did.


I used to download sheets of code and type them into my TI-83 calculator and then transfer them to friend’s calculators to play games. I should have charged them money.

Long story short, tech stuff has always been an interest of mine but I never really got amazing at it. Maybe someday. However I love reading and wanted to share a few recent articles I read and what I thought about them.

Cool: Lenovo Smartband So the Lenovo Smartband looks like a Lenovo roll out of the Fitbit. One) I have a Lenovo laptop so I was interested because I think I made a good choice in laptops so I think that if brand loyalty is still a thing, then I would stick with it. Lenovo is a Chinese company and my laptop shipped from China! I thought that was extremely cool (for some reason, despite all the “Made in China” stuff around my house).

Having received my B.A. is Social Sciences (i.e. Social Studies) I dig maps and foreign countries and that sorta thing. So getting an email from Lenovo with my shipping status showing it departing from China, on a tiny map, was neat.

As for the Smartband, I’ve got no clue how good it is or isn’t. Some key features include “unlock your PC”, didn’t know mine was locked. (I would love to read more about this but don’t have time.) From the @onejarednewman article “can show the time, incoming calls, and SMS alerts, and can remind you to exercise. It can also count steps, estimate calories burned, measure heart rate and monitor sleep, and compile all the data in a companion app for iOS and Android.”

The thing that stands out to me most about that is the “heart rate monitor”. I am a P90X3 graduate and loved the program. They were always recommending you track your heart rate, but I never did. I did have a cheap wrist wear heart rate monitor once that broke when I got sweat on it. Lame.


Second article —

I’m always interested in robot tech and AI, only for the sole reason that I am against robots and robot armies. I have a t-shirt that says “Destroy Your Computer”, no kidding. The reality of logical recursion and AI and all that jazz is becoming closer because people are getting closer to it.

The problem is: How are we gonna stop it from killing us all?

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen”, is not a line I’m willing to just throw out and stand idly by. Instead I’ll just idly blog that I’m against it. There! I’ve done my part against the robot army taking over the world bit. If the robots win and are reading this: “I’ve never doubted you. You are wonderful. Please don’t kill me.” J/K, Just say “NO” to robots and AI. We have enough SI (simulated intelligence) of humans running around acting like they know things, we don’t need computers to do the same.

On and intriguing note I was reading about quantum computing. Awesome and scary.

Lastly for all you folks who are Apple peeps, too bad. (I’m not one of you.)

Crafty: Stopped Taking Apple Pay

Fresh out of the shoot and already shot down. The economics behind this move are clear as the article points out. As a former Walmart employee, I know that Walmart has been working on getting into the financial side of things from at least the early 2000’s.

When I worked there, they had a big fight with MasterCard and stopped taking them as a form of payment altogether. If I recall correctly it was because MasterCard would not bow to Walmart in making a deal for lower swipe fees, so Walmart said, “see ya”. They’ve since kissed and made up but Walmart was starting to cash checks (a financial/banking move) and even tried running their own bank for a while I think.

Anywho, as the article points out “CurrentC” (get it? currency ) saves the retailers swipe fees and gets them your data (a big win for them). Well it seems like the users can win with that because they get customized deals and whatnot, if that’s your thing.

If privacy is your thing, well welcome to the 21st century where privacy is a myth of the past.

The @joshuabrustein article sums up with “The irony of this conflict is that Apple, the innovator, is in the position of endorsing the status quo.” How’s that for innovative, Apple users?

Final thoughts:

Stay warm this winter. “Don’t panic” and keep classy.

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