It gets Feta….

It is everywhere! Melted on burgers! Slapped in sandwiches!  Pilled on pizzas! Baked into snack crackers! Grilled! Fried! Stringy and ooey and gooey! Whether it is on or in one or your favorite dishes or straight off the block, cheese is everywhere.

Being a part time foodie is no easy task. So I thought I would help throw in my two cents as I give you a delectable post of cheese tastings by an amateur (that’s me (and sometimes my wife)).  We have a desire to increase our knowledge of this fine food and hope you do to as you join us for cheese updates. We do not have fancy five star reviews to offer, but merely first hand testimonials of what think about what we eat.

We will set off on this journey together with random selections to sample. I’ll do my utmost to include pictures and pairings.  But remember this is all just a learning experience, so please DO TRY THIS AT HOME!

First off the block:

Delice de Bourgogne
Type: Brie
Fromagerie Lincet


I found this brie to consist of a nice creamy texture that was very soft and smooth which led itself to be easily spreadable. It had an interesting tang/tangy finish. Also it had a bit of saltiness near the outer edge that was pleasant.  Over all I liked it.

Sarah agreed that the texture was super soft and creamy. She described the flavor as mild at first with a tangy zip finish. Additionally, mentioning that it was a cheese that would lend itself to mix in well with other dishes, mashed potatoes for example.


We tried this nice bit of brie with Mini Rustic Italian Loaf from Whole Foods Bakehouse, a selection made for no reason whatsoever.

Next up:

Red Leaf Cheddar Cheese
Useful stat:
Aged 5 years


The Red Leaf Cheddar has a nice salty flavor giving it a sort of gritty/granny texture. It was creamy and I would describe it towards the medium scale of cheddars (I’m a fan of very sharp cheddar). This was good, but I did not think it was great. However, I would recommend to cheddar heads looking for variety in their cheddar bliss dream world.


This fine cut found its home on a Mini French Country Boule from Whole Foods Bakehouse. Why? Because it looked good.


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