Mastering The Skill of Uni-Tasking

I love getting things done and usually that means I am doing many things at once. I love the feeling when I complete a task. I am immersed in multi-tasking and sometimes I think it is killing me.

I start several things, take chores for example and then once I start one task, before completing it I start another. Soon I am doing the dishes, making my lunch, folding clothes and who knows what else.

The problem is I am really only ever doing one of those things at a time and usually not all that well because I am distracted.

I want to be a COO (chief operating officer ) one day.  It is one of the many things I hope to accomplish in life. I think it is awesome to be responsible for the way things are operating.

So in order to keep things on track and in order I think it is important to Uni-task.

Do one thing and do it well.

I find when I focus on doing just one thing I get the following results:

I can finish it faster. I can focus on it more and give it better due diligence with higher quality of work. I get more done (depending on what there was to do). I feel better faster. I enjoy my time more. I am happier.

The main thing is to remember to choose to do just one thing at a time. When I find myself wanting to get so much done, I have to stop myself from doing it in a way that will take longer and have worse results (multitasking).

I know there are several articles showing about the difference of multi- and uni-tasking.
Here is one of them by @JacquelynVSmith:

Quit Multitasking: How To Unitask And Get More Done


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