I am just trying to give away my app idea for free (giving it away inspired by James Altucher @jaltucher). No strings. Make any changes you seem fit, but I just want to be able to use an app like this one day. I have tried contacting the creator of both Mint (Aaron Patzer @apatzer) and Level (Jake Fuentes @jakefuentes ) so we’ll see what happens. 
Michael Paine
 A stack of credit cards
The Idea:  


Name: CreditTrack
Idea: Credit Card Tracking App

Slogan: Get your Credit back on the right track

Similar Apps: Mint, Level, Quickbooks, etc.



Anyone with more than one credit card knows it is hard to keep track of everything. It is embarrassing to go to pay and get declined. Are you about to max out your card? Check the CreditTrack app first. When is which bill due? Check CreditTrack. What order should I pay off my credit cards (highest balance first or highest interest rate)? Check CreditTrack.


An app that securely accesses the user’s credit card accounts in a read-only way with all the standard high level encryption features of similar apps. The app will be able to automatically read the balance of each credit card that the user enters and will also be able to know what each card’s credit limit is.

This information will then be able to be displayed to the user through a user selected graphical interface that could include: bar chart, pie chart, or other easy to read infographics.

CreditTrack will include a “Payoff” feature that gives users guidance in paying off their account balances. What would I save if I paid of the highest balance first? What about paying off the highest interest rate card first? With a quick click the user can visually see the impact making different amounts of hypothetical payments would make to their credit card debt.

CreditTrack with also include a “Due date” feature with customizable reminder to schedule payments.

Additional features could include offering a credit score for a fee.

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