Have you seen this?

The show Criminal Minds was making me crazy. I starting having nightmares about the episodes and thinking about ways in real life I could commit crimes. This impact on my psyche led me to the decision not to ever watch shows like that again and I feel much better for it.


If you’re like me, you know there are thousands of TV channels yet nothing to watch. So I decided to come up with ideas for TV shows I would like to watch. Here is a brief description of them and a reason why I think they would be good. Once you get done reading them let me hear from you what you think or of any ideas you have for a TV show. Bonus: If you have an idea how to contact a TV producer or executive, let’em know about these free ideas because ultimately I just would like to watch these shows.

FishFund (working title).

This would be a TV show like Shark Tank (@ABCSharkTank) with the difference being centered on crowdfunding. The show would consist of a live audience of qualified investors that would be able to interact with the people pitching their ideas. There could be a display behind the participants that shows an up-to-date live feed of which crowd members would be willing to invest if the minimum goal for the project is obtained. Additionally there would be a live number for the TV audience to call in and contribute to the project as well.

Your New Home (working title).

Your New Home follows couples through the new home building process. From the walk through of a model home, to the selection of the site of property, this show will document the process from a perspective that is yet to be seen on HGTV. The potential for episodes is unlimited and will ensure a long running series.

The Playbook  (working title).

The Playbook is an X’s and O’s style breakdown of NFL game plays. It takes the Bob Sturm blog and puts it into a visual format with replay footage complete with yellow lines. Additionally, The Playbook provides an explanation of football for new fans in a slowed down pace that you don’t get watching a real game. This show will have big plays from around the NFL covering all the teams.  This show’s potential for episodes is also unlimited and will ensure a long running series.

Fantasy Sports (working title).

The Fantasy Sports show will be a nerd-out on all things fantasy sports. There can be a discussion panel where they have a back and forth over who to pick for your fantasy league along with ways to make the best trades. The fantasy sports show will include all sports with a fantasy league and could have a potential sponsor of FanDuel. Again a show with no limits on episodes and a huge audience.

Clean Sweep (working title).

In Clean Sweep there is a crew that comes into a house with too much junk for a surprise cleaning. They remove almost everything except for essentials and then the owners live in their clean home for a period (two week to a month) and see if they like it better without all the junk in the way. If they don’t miss it, the junk gets dumped. If they can’t handle not having their things, then they are returned at the end of the time period. There are millions of Americans with too much stuff and who would want to be on TV, so this has a long run in its future.

Brunch Chef (working title).

A cooking show focused on the popular explosion of brunch. The Brunch Chef will give people cooking and party tips to make sure they too can put on a brunch like no other. Brunch Chef will have recipes, decorations, and morning drinks.

Nailed It (working title).

Nailed It would be a webisode where people select a project from Pinterest and record themselves attempting to make it. It is like the popular meme “Nailed It” yet instead of just being a final picture, you get to see the whole process. The projects and people attempting them and endless.

Kids Explain (working title).

We all know kids say the darndest things. The web-show would be an open show where parents record their children’s responses of explanations to various weekly questions. The fun never stops as kids always have a funny way of explaining the world around us.

So now it’s your turn:

Let me hear from you what you think or of any ideas you have for a TV show. And again ff you have an idea how to contact a TV producer or executive, tell them about these free ideas because ultimately I just would like to watch these shows.


Check out my other free idea for an app called CreditTrack.

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