Conspire to Inspire

Happy New Year! I quit!

Quit your job. Quit smoking. Quit drinking. Quit eating out. Quit complaining. Quit being boring. Quit whining. Quit your bellyaching. Quit daydreaming. Quit overeating. Quit delaying.


Whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about quit it! And right now! Don’t wait because it is good to get started, to get the ball rolling, to go for it. If you delay, you probably will never end up doing it. That is probably why you’ve not done it yet, you’ve put it off until tomorrow, until the next week, until the new year. These soft deadlines always get pushed back because they are soft. Be hard. Start now.

In his book Love Does, Bob Goff discusses how you should quit anything on every Thursday. This inspired my wife which in turn inspired me. We don’t always quit something, but when we do, it’s on a Thursday. So what is it about Bob’s story that made us take action? What did he say that made us do something we haven’t been doing and now want to do?

Mel Robbins in her Ted Talk “F— YOU –” spurred me into action with her 5 second rule. And, spoiler alert, despite the video’s title and Mel’s spunkiness, there is not profanity so go ahead and watch it and you will see how you have been doing the 5 second rule wrong your whole life. So here is another individual I’ve never met and now I’m doing my life different because of her. She has kindled something in me that seems to have always been there. It’s not like she even had to unlock a door, she just opened one in me that had been closed.

Dale Carnegie has shown the world How to Win Friends & Influence People. If you have not read this book at least once, just stop reading my blog and go buy it (and then hurry back to my blog). I’ve read this book multiple times and learn and re-learn every time I do. The stories are motivating and the message is positive. Who wants more friends? Who wants to influence people? I know I do and I hope you do as well. It seems that most people do, but they go about their life in a self-centered way that gets them the opposite results of what they truly want. If you are not getting what you want in life, you are probably going about it the wrong way.

Simon Sinek first caught my attention with a video on “Start With Why” and later I also watched him talk on “How great leaders can inspire action”. I have used the technique described in “Start With Why” to make positive changes in my life. However, what I want to tell you now is why I do what I do and that is Jesus Christ. I’ve been saved and so can you. If you’d like to know more please ask someone, me, my wife, a local pastor, a neighbor you know who is a Christian, but please ask and I guarantee they will be excited to tell you and especially that they are not forcing their beliefs upon you but getting your permission to share what they have probably been praying for.

These examples of inspiration are just pinpoints on my map. These people are motivational, but I’ve been influenced by a whole host of people throughout my life. In earnest I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of me because one day I realized I am not in this alone and I can’t do this by myself. Look around you today and find someone that you appreciate and decide that when you see them next that you say what you want to say and tell them how you really feel. I’ve not always known how to inspire people and I am always looking for ways to learn how. Join me and conspire to inspire.


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