P90 Not X

When I finished P90X3 I felt like I had accomplished something more worth it than when I finished college. P90X3 was super challenging and doing something 90 days straight isn’t something that happens much anymore nowadays. College was easy for me and the similarity of the two was the simple need to just show up.

So in 2014 I did P90X3 to get my butt (and the rest of me) in shape.

P90X3 Day 0 Photo:                   P90X3 Day 91 Photo:

IMG_0016 IMG_0106

The photos might not be all that different, but my strength, cardio, and muscle definition all improved greatly. I felt great, looked great, but truthfully I did not eat great. If you know my wife Sarah, who did P90X3 also, and I, you know we eat pretty healthy. However, when doing P90X3 and working out just about every day, I got super hungry.  There were nutrition guides with the program and I sorta stuck to them but I would eat anything I wanted anytime I wanted because of my great hunger.

In a recent AMA on Reddit Tony Horton, of P90X fame, said “I don’t have cheat meals.” This guy is someone I look up to because of his great health as an older male. I would like to be in as good shape as him when I am his age and beyond. But I was not following the meal part of the plan and in fact at times I was binge eating up to 1000+ calories in one sitting. Not good!

So what am I going to do about it?


First off I’m not a Beachbody Coach and I’m not trying to sell you anything. But as you can tell I am a fan of Tony’s programs and am super excited to start this newest addition. My wife will again be joining me on this incredible journey and will surely be a strong influence on my success.

So why go from P90X3, an extreme program, to just P90?

1. I need to get the total program right and that includes eating right. A less extreme program will help me not work up too great of a hunger and I will have less reason to overeat and more reason not to cheat.

2. Another reason for the step down is that my right knee had some soreness (probably from too much running on concrete) that I am concerned could turn into an injury. So instead of pushing through an extreme fitness program, I am going to ease my knee back into shape.

3. Lastly, P90 has workouts that are just about 30 minutes, one of the main reasons I was able to do the entire X3 series. This fits into my life and is hard to justify skipping.

Starting Monday January 5th I will be 90 days away from another great accomplishment.

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P90 Day 0 Photo:

MTP P90 Day 0

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