Deciding to Decide

You have the power to choose.


You are a decision maker, whether or not you recognize it.

A failure to make a decision is a decision. So you can Choose Yourself or you can let other people choose for you.

Some people have great power or authority in different arenas of life: at work, in the home, and within social groups. Others not so much.  But when it comes down to it, you are responsible for your needs and need to decide to be in charge of your direction in life.


Decision makers matter.

If you’ve been anywhere remotely involved in an interview process (trying to get a job or someone you know was seeking employment), then you’ve found out that all effort is for naught unless you talk to the right person. And who is the right person? The Decision Maker.

Have you ever tried making changes to a family phone plan that you are a part of? If so, you know the account holder (i.e. Decision Maker) has to authorize the changes.

These examples are endless, but the truth remains: making decisions makes a difference.

So how about it? Are you going to sleep on this and decide if it is right for you?

Please don’t.

In “The American CEO”, Joel Trammell has an article titled 10 Rules of CEO Decision-making. Some key rules that I endorse are: #1 Don’t take on every decision and especially #2 The quicker the decision the better and #4 Bad decisions should be changed just as quickly as they were made. Also numbers six through nine are of great value for leadership.

Now you might not be a CEO, or you might, but the quicker you make decisions the sooner you can get feedback if it is going to work out or not. This in turn gives you the ability to, if needed, quickly change (or remake) that decision. The problem happens when people make bad decisions (espescially after taking a long time to do so) and then stubbornly not fixing it because “that’s what you decided” or “you said so”. This hubris gets you nowhere in life. The idea that you don’t want to waste the long time you took to make the initial decision does not make up for the negative results created by that bad decision.

So would you rather keep that bad decision and waste future time to “save” past time spent on the decision?

That would be dumb. Don’t be dumb.

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Quick Hits:

Quick hits is a new bonus content feature that shares my thoughts on an article I found to be of interest and hope you will as well.

Dish Network Unveils Sling TV, a Streaming Service to Rival Cable (and It Has ESPN) 

I think this is an interesting idea, especially from my millennial lens. I have not once paid for TV service after moving out of my parents’ house at age 18, despite growing up on cable television. I have lived places where I had free cable as part of the deal or living arrangements, however in true millennial fashion I have always purchased internet services wherever I move. See my recent post where I wrote “When we bought our first house we had internet before we even had a refrigerator.” This Dish Network has a potential the older TV service provider model does not. The old model has you buy packages with different tier levels (often time just to get one particular channel) and charges you more because you get a larger quantity. Just the other day I had an idea for a TV provider to have significantly fewer channels (think radically, like just 10 channels) with super high quality programming. This would solve the problem of “a million channels yet nothing to watch”. It looks like Dish Network has an opportunity to make this a reality of sorts if it plays it’s cards right.

P90 Update:

Today is day 3 and all is well so far. So far no cheat meals. I have starting logging when and what I am eating and drinking just to have some documentation / source material to look back on later to further enhance my shared experience in this workout program. This helps me think about what I am eating more and caused me to not go ahead and stop by somewhere and get a quick bite on the drive home from work.

The workouts have been enjoyable. I just need to get my Chihuahua Tex to not climb on me while doing Ab Ripper.


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