Cowboys win! (A fan)

It starts

In the 10 Dallas Cowboys Predictions for 2014 by Brad Gagnon, Brad had made a prediction that “Tony Romo will have the best season of his career”. That is almost about all that Brad got right. The prediction of the Cowboys being 5-11 was almost the exact opposite. But Brad was not the only one down on the Cowboys before the season began.

After going 0-4 in the preseason (those games don’t count anyway), Dallas shocked the NFL with a regular season record equal to the best teams in the league. The Patriots, Broncos, Packers, Seahawks, and Cowboys all went 12-4. Not too bad of company.


Growing up in the 90’s I remember watching Monday Night Football with my dad. I would get excited when I heard Hank Williams, Jr. singing about all his rowdy friends (even though I didn’t really understand the implications of what that meant). It was a special time in the Dallas Cowboys franchise. They of course won the 1992 and 1993 Super Bowls back-to-back and then came back again in 1995 to win a third within four seasons. They had Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and my favorite Emmitt Smith.

At some point in my childhood, probably the 1996 season when the Cowboys were not Super Bowl Champions again, I lost interest in football. In elementary school we would play two-hand touch during recess. I remember being picked last several times (and last in basketball too). It was more about my physic than anything else. I was pretty much the shortest guy out there, but I was fast. I suppose once football became a thing in middle school and I wasn’t in, I was out.

In the Middle

Growing up in the world of middle America suburbia in Texas, you began to notice that football was really important to just about almost everyone. Or at least it seemed that way. I never even tried out for the middle school team. I think it was because I was too afraid of having to take a shower in the locker room at school. Not a big guy, not a lot of self-confidence.

As the years went by, I became more cynical of the football culture. Cynical of kids getting passed in High School so they could be eligible for the game that Friday night. I was cynical of much more of course but I just didn’t connect with the football world and don’t think I ever went to any of the games. The school forcing us to go to pep rallies to cheer on people I didn’t know and thought I didn’t like did not help. Plus where was the pep rally for the Mu Alpha Theta or English Honor Society?

The Awakening

Fast-forward about a decade and now things are a bit different. One major thing that changed in my life is I have become a Christian. Now I’m not going to go into the whole Christian and Football cultural thing that goes on. Why? Because my main point is that being a Christian my focus now is on Christ and I am not so concerned with just about anything else. I am no longer cynical about football, nor am I so jaded about the rest of our cultural short comings. Before I came to Christ, I was skeptical about the church and religion and all it entailed. I let other people’s problems shortcoming and sins sway me from having a true relationship with Jesus. I had thought that the church had let me down. I had thought my parents had let me down. I had everyone else to blame but myself. And then by the grace of God I learned one day that I can’t let hang-ups like that stand between me and Him. It is not God who failed me; it was the imperfection of a struggling world that was bringing me down. Christ saved me from myself and gave me a rebirth into a second chance at life.

So when you see a church with people in it who are not as perfect as you think they should be, remember that the church is where broken people go to get healing. We don’t (or shouldn’t) turn away sinners, but welcome them and allow God to change them. I once saw on a church marquee sign the saying “You catch them, I’ll clean them.” A bit fishy if you ask me. Sorry I had to. Jesus went to where people were and ate with sinners, prostitutes and tax collectors. He was not ashamed to go to the lost and not afraid what people said about him when he did. Oh to be more like Christ.

So what does this got to do with the NFL anyways?

This past year or so the NFL has been in some trouble. From the Frontline League of Denial documentary and the resulting Concussion Watch to the Ray Rice domestic violence issue, the NFL has come under extreme scrutiny. This is not the first time its players have ever had any off the field issues either; I remember Irvin got busted for cocaine and as a kid I didn’t even know what that was. So the NFL is bad, right? Well my comparison comes in here that just like the Church is not bad, even though there might be bad people (hopefully praying to change for the good) in it, the whole is not bad and should not be avoided just because you think it is full of hypocrites  (and as the old joke goes, “I don’t go to church. Churches are full of hypocrites.” The punch line was, “Come on in, there’s always room for one more!”)

So as far as the NFL goes, there may be guys who have done some detestable things who are involved in the league, but if all you focus on is the negative you miss out on all the positive guys who are still role models and generally good dudes. You could say you don’t like football, like I did, because of the preferential treatment players get, but you would be missing out on one of the most exciting reality TV shows on today. On every play the unpredictable can happen. The good thing too about being a football fan is that I now have something in common with a ton more people, just like catching up about any other TV show.

Football is my life

So how did I come to be a football fan again you might ask? Well it started with sports talk radio. My vehicle a few years ago had come equipped with a CD player and a standard radio receiver. My tastes in music had changed and the few CDs I still owned were not getting much play. I did not have a way to run a headphone cord from my phone to my car to play Pandora. So that left the radio. Over the years I had grown indifferent to most of the music on the radio and turned to the world of talk radio. It started with shows of a political nature, but after the 2012 elections I lost all hope in America’s electorate. The constant finger pointing and general negativity was not really helping my life be better so I cut it off.

But the silence was too much.

Enter sports talk. I remember my dad (you know the one I used to watch football with) used to listen to sports talk radio too. Coincidence? I think not. Sports talk is generally non-offensive. It is upbeat, especially after a Cowboys win and surprisingly not just about sports. There are usually several segments about non-sports material that are just as interesting if not more. So in case you’ve not guessed, I’ve become a P1.

From here it was a short jump to becoming a Cowboys fan once again. I had not really kept up with the NFL until this season. I would listen to the sports radio and hear of all the Cowboys news, because there is always Cowboys news. And I thought and have said, “The Cowboys are the most interesting team, win or lose.” So this year as the Cowboys turned the NFL on its head, my love for them reignited. So this is being published before today’s game results and you know what I’ll say it again, “The Cowboys are the most interesting team, win or lose.”

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P90 Update:

So it has now been 1 week of P90. Today, day 7, was a rest day so I am golden there. It will be hard to rest but I’ll manage. Honestly resting from exercising is easier than taking a rest from the rest of life. Got to work on that whole day of rest thing…

Anyways, I’ve not skipped a single workout, which I did not anticipate doing anyways. I did however eat three meals that were less than stellar on the healthy eating side of things.  I think I busted the 1000+ calorie mark on one or two of them.

So some take aways:

  • Usually for our evening meal we make enough for lunch the next day. On all three belly busting meals, none of the food was left over for later consumption. So I ate too much and then came up a meal short in my menu rotation. Double bummer.
  • After one meal, I had trouble sleeping and felt kinda nauseous the next day. A feeling I’ve had from a past lifestyle choice (if you know what I mean).
  • Most the healthy meals I’ve been eating have tasted great, but nothing beats the lure of pizza.
  • So ultimately, if I eat 15 of 18 meals that are good for me, I am not neurotic and cut myself a little slack despite Tony’s words of wisdom of “No cheat meals”.

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