I was a disturbed child.

I was disturbed because right before my 6th birthday my family moved to Texas. My mind was filled with visions of desert landscapes, complete with sweeping sand dunes, cacti, and even maybe one of those cattle skulls.


I was in for a shock once I stepped off the plane at DFW airport. I wouldn’t have to learn to ride a horse to school after all… Too much heat! So different in fact that we now had 100+ degree days in the Summer to contend with and no more snowy hills to sled down in the Winter.

This sucks

So the natural conclusion of my young brain was that “well this sucks”. I would complain to my friends in high school about how the Texas heat was so oppressive and that one day I’ll be gone.  In high school I was way into politics too and my position at the time was against the prevalent party of Texas. Another good reason to get gone.

The Big Move

And finally the day came when I moved out of my parents’ house into an apartment; an apartment in, wait for it, Texas! From the time I had first moved out, I have lived in several apartments (6 different ones to my recollection), my siblings’ houses on more than one occasion, and a duplex, not necessarily in that order. All this before I moved into my first adult home. All of these places were in Texas. So what happened?

It’s Complicated

Through all the moving, several things happened and changed in my life. I went through a break up with my high school girlfriend of two years. I was working my way through college. I got saved. I did a semester of student teaching. I met my future wife. I graduated. I didn’t get a job. I got married. I finally got a full time job. I got a promotion. I learned that I loved Texas and hated snow. I got a dog and then another dog. And then one day decided we should get a house. Sigh…more on all that in due time.

The “Forever-Home”

So even before we were home owners, my wife and I watched copious amounts of HGTV. Lately, we’ve noticed a trend of people seeking their dream home, home’s with “character”, “flow”, and an “open concept”. Also there seems to be a term that has dominated more than all of those others. And that is the term “Forever-Home”. At first, the thought and sound of this is ridiculous to my mind. See above for all the moving I’ve done.

These people think they are going to find the perfect place for them to live. A place that will have everything they want and nothing they dislike. They want a place to meet their location needs for children, careers or any number of other reasons. Many people say they decided to get a home to have a backyard for their dog(s). And no, I did not get my house just to have a backyard for my dogs (although it is nice).

What I want to say to all of them is that you are not going to find the perfect place in your house hunt. Most of them want to get things beyond their financial capabilities and watching several other shows I’ve seen no limit to wants. No matter what the budget. Life is full of changes. Children grow up. Careers take different turns. You may up and quit your job. Whatever the circumstance no home you find will be forever.

Or will it?

The idea of the “Forever-Home”, that term that drives me crazy, is it so unreasonable? Should we not want what is good and best? And if we have a desire is it unreasonable to think that maybe there is a way to fulfill it? Being a Christian I would say it really is not all that crazy after all to want a “Forever-Home”. If you accept Christ as your Savior you are promised “that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16, ESV) and “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away” (Rev. 21:4, ESV). Now that is a “Forever-Home” that I want to move to.

Ask me if you want to know anything more about how you can find your “Forever-Home”.

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