I am blogging my journey so I can have a place to link back to when I give my ideas away to others. Hopefully it will also inspire you to buy Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine and for you to go for it!


Day One

10 Things I don’t Like and can be grateful for:

1. I don’t like when Microsoft Word automatically re-formats my document (like indenting everything instead of just one line). I am thankful that I have a computer program that lets me edit text so easily.

2. I don’t like when my dogs bark at children. I am grateful I have two cute puppies.


3. I don’t like when craiglist deals fall through. I am grateful I have a way to meet interesting people via craiglist and have opportunity to buy and sell things.

4. I don’t like when sunflower seeds with flavors don’t taste the way I expected. I am grateful that I can easily stop at a gas station to grab a quick snack.

5. I don’t like when I can’t decide what music to listen to because everything is either distracting or the wrong mood for what I am in at the moment. I am grateful that I have to ability to stream music from artist I never knew existed and now I have a station built around them.

6. I don’t like when I forget a password to a website. I am thankful I can remember anything sometimes.

7. I don’t like the cold. I am grateful I live in a society where a push of a button can change the temperature.

8. I don’t like that I procrastinate. I am grateful I have the ability to get things done quickly from years of procrastinating.

9. I don’t like when I get distracted and start to multitask. I am thankful I have a world of opportunities and options.

10. I don’t like when I forget what I was going write. I am grateful that I can come up with something else.

11. Oh yeah I remembered it. I don’t like taking the garbage out. I am grateful that someone comes and takes my trash away. If only getting rid of everything (for example: emotion pain, etc.) could be so easy.


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