Cheat to Win

I used to cheat in school. In second grade I had written the word “quarters” on one of those big pink erasers and stuck it in my desk. Then my teacher walked by and asked me what it was. I am not sure exactly what happened but I got caught red handed. Funny thing is it wasn’t the first time I cheated that way, but it was the last.

Then in third grade I cheated, but this time in math. It was time to learn multiplication. We had these minute drills where we had several multiplication problems to answer in one minute. The more you got right the better. Well I couldn’t always remember my times tables and wasn’t good at being fast with math in my head back then. So what was the easy way out? To look at the girl’s paper next to me and copy her answers. I never got caught and ended up learning math too. Check out my high school grades in math.

Michael Paine HS TRS

Day 2 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine. I cheated and did it a day early out of excitement.

10 apps I would like to use:

1. Starting off by cheating. First one is easy because I already wrote about it. CreditTrack. It is a credit card app that makes life easy.

2. An app that connects all your social media in one place. I think this exists but I’m not sure and not looking.

3. An app that teaches the game of Go.

4. An app that helps me stay focused or on track. Not sure what that might look like.

5. An app that shows when an item you have on your amazon wish list goes on sale.

6. An app that takes your picture and gives you suggested hair styles visually with your face in it.

7. An app that tells you which of your preset list of favorite restaurants are near you.

8. An app that connects to your dog’s microchip to a gps map to help you find your lost dog.

9. An app that you take pictures of your clothes and then it gives you outfit ideas.

10. An app that shows you a picture of a baby animal at random times every day to cheer you up.

And some more cheating: these are app idea I’ve already had in the past too and just remembered about…

11. Med alarm app: Tells you when to take and when to reorder medicine.

12. App where you scan fridge/take photos of what food ingredients you have – gives recipes using current ingredients and suggestions of what to buy to complete a recipe

13. An app that suggest the breakfast for the day when your morning alarm app sounds (maybe this is just a feature for alarm apps)

14. Hologram voice message app service (think StarWars) See these QuickHits for help making it:

And now for more Ideas from:



15. Sarah has a great app idea that takes your spoken message and the app shortens it to 140 characters so it can be a tweet and includes suggested hashtags

16. Sarah again: app that you put in your home appliance information and it shows you where they fall on the energystar scale of quality and provides suggestions of what to buy to save money

17. Sarah on fire: An app that rates your food on a scale of health and wellness. You put in your meal (i.e. spaghetti) and then it gives you a rating of how healthy your meal is based on what nutrition is in the meal and what nutritional elements it lacks. It educates you on healthy eating while rating your choice.

8 thoughts on “Cheat to Win

    1. Thanks! I really think collaboration should have a greater role in education. As you can see my grades were from a while ago, so things may have changed. The math may not be important but the way it teaches you to think logically is priceless.


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