TV Withdrawal

When my mom dropped me off for Kindergarten class I would cry. So much that kids would bring me tissues when they saw me arrive because they knew I would be bawling. I guess it was because I would rather watch “The Price Is Right” than go to school.


Day 3 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine

Reviewing my schedule I do not have a lack of time I could sit quietly and be grateful. I have a problem with not being grateful. I complain a lot in my head instead of being content. This list is hard for me because it does not seem so applicable. I will make something up but I really need to just work on my gratitude muscle the most.

1. I do start my day off with Bible Study and that is a great way to start my day in gratitude. I do not do this 100% of the days. So maybe I can improve by 1% and do it more often.

2. Instead of looking at morning news, which never builds me up, I could spend a few more moments in gratitude. Either over breakfast of just sitting still a moment longer before I have to rush around at work.

3. At work, on break, I could spend some time with eyes closed being thankful for the day. At one of my old jobs I had to take the trash out and I would sit for a brief moment and pray. Perhaps that needs to make a comeback.

4. After work I usually come home and check the internet (as if the fate of the world depends on us checking it several times a day). Instead or before I do I can pause and be grateful for all the good things that happened that day. And just for the fact that I am off work for the day at that point.

5. Which is where the real work begins. My life work. And this list gets harder. I have much time to do things but don’t slow down enough to reflect. So one idea is on the hour every hour to pause and be grateful.

6. A another idea about the earlier idea number 4, to pause in my car before going inside my house.

7. After dinner. I don’t like praying before eating because I’m hungry and want to eat while the food is hot. Instead I can be grateful after for a moment when I can better focus.

8. Before bed is a good time to quiet my mind and be grateful for the day.

9. Anytime I get annoyed at someone. I should stop and be grateful rather than negative.

10. When something good happens. Be grateful in that moment.

And with that I pause and am grateful for this list.


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