Peeing Your Pants Is Cool

Drinking too much liquid makes me have to urinate in abundance. I was good at math in 4th grade. Probably because I cheated in 3rd grade. So good in fact I was working ahead of the class. So when math rolled around the teacher didn’t call on me because she knew I knew the answer and instead she wanted to give someone else a try. Problem was that I was not trying to answer the question. I was raising my hand to ask to go to the bathroom. She never called on me that day. I peed my pants in my seat. I have no idea what happened after that. I think we had recess. Then maybe some janitor cleaned it up. Or the teacher. A strange form of justice? Either way I was a wuss back then and afraid of everything. I’m not afraid of much now but if I am I act like I’m not.

Day 4 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Today’s challenge: What are 10 courses you would love to see and take in Coursera and what is in their curriculum?

Well I had never heard of Coursera before reading this chapter. I thought I was going to be a teacher at a public school. I was a substitute teacher for awhile but never full time. I am teaching some classes the Spring 2015 at NCTC. Therefore I probably should be able to do this. I am just writing this paragraph to procrastinate.

I am going to make up my ideas without searching for them on Caursera first. If they are available, great!

If not maybe I will make them.

1. This is a stolen idea from my app idea. A course teaching the game Go. I read about the game in my school reading and don’t know how to play. An app to teach you or a online course would be good.

The curriculum would include:

  • The origin of the game
  • Description of game board and pieces
  • An explanation of basic play (legal moves, what happens when, etc.)
  • Tips for beginners
  • Tips to improve your game
  • Opportunities to meet up on some gaming community to play online against other people
  • How to start a local Go club so you could play in person

2. How to train your dog class


  • Bringing your new dog home
  • Feeding your dog
  • Doggy business (aka bathroom stuff)
  • Grooming
  • Tricks and treats that your dog should and shouldn’t eat
  • Being dominate
  • How to handle the loss of a pet

3. How to win friends and influence people
Based on the book. I can’t recommend this book enough.


  • Discussion on the book
  • Learners sharing their real life experiences trying out the techniques
  • Discussion groups on how to improve your influence
  • Reasons why you should want to win friends and influence people

4. Inside the criminal mind
Based of the book by Stanton Samenow

There is a great misunderstanding of criminal behavior. This guy talked to hundreds, if not thousands or criminals and got inside their heads. But he didn’t just do it out of fascination. He did it with the goal of helping them make changes. Reading this book leaves you with a new perspective on people you might have met or people you currently know.

This course includes:

  • Reading the book
  • Discussing its findings
  • Discussing how you can make a positive impact to people who are/or have been incarcerated
  • What to do if you find you have criminal thinking and how to change it

5. A course on how to start a book club or silent reading club

Reading it’s not going away. Videos are great but depending on your ability to scan and comprehend information reading can be faster. I love reading so. I think it would be awesome to be part of a book group or a silent reading club.

  • This course shows you ways to set up a location to meet up (because you might not want strangers at your home)
  • It includes ways to find and get others to show up
  • For the non silent group, how to get better group participation
  • How to ask open ended questions that stir on conversation
  • How to get someone else to be in charge so you don’t have to (for shy people or people who want out at some point)
  • Discussion on “Should there be club rules/fees/dues/structure/etc.?”

6. How to clean a house from top to bottom


  • Best cleaning practices
  • Tips from professional house cleaners
  • Specifics on hard to clean areas (i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, etc.)
  • Dealing with clutter / Organization
  • Getting rid of stuff ( a look into a minimalist lifestyle)
  • Where to get good deals on cleaning supplies, tools, etc.
  • Motivation on cleaning (How to get it done when you don’t want to do it)
  • Tips to get your children involved and for them to do a good job

7. A course on resting


  • The importance of sleep
  • The need to take breaks
  • Breaking away from computers, smartphones, other electronic devices
  • Quieting the mind
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Encouragement on taking a day of rest
  • Sabaticals  – Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his New York studio for a yearlong sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh their creative outlook

8. Money Management

How to save money once you’ve done all the internet suggestions of not buying $5 coffee, and not eating out, etc.I always had trouble cutting back because I never spent $5 a day on coffee to begin with.


9. Bible Study for Beginners


10. Cooking for Beginners


  • Finding easy recipies to boost confidence
  • Chopping, dicing, mincing – What does it all mean? And other cooking terms
  • Measurements do they really matter? Why sometimes yes and sometimes no.
  • Tips on making multiple dishes at the same time – Keeping up with it all
  • Tips on how not to have such a mess (use fewer bowls, pots/pans, use parchment paper, foil, etc.)
  • Reason why you should try to expand your cooking skills and meal repertoire

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