Something smells like fish

Names fascinate me. When I was younger say 4 or 5, it was B.T., I had a crush on a girl named Jordan. It was for no other reason than together our names would be Michael Jordan. The greatest basketball player of our youth. Rand Fishkin. What a weird name. Awesomeness. I am sure if Rand Fishkin doesn’t already have a smart refrigerator, he will before I do.


In Cheat to Win I had an app idea that dealt with refrigerators:

“App – Scan fridge/take photos of what food ingredients you have – gives recipes using current ingredients and suggestions of what to buy to complete a recipe”

So now time to take that technology to the machine itself. I like Claudia’s automatic reordering and refilling idea.

Day 5 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Today’s list brought to you by the letter “A”.

1. A fridge that has a screen on the front. When you put contents in your refrigerator you enter the data on the screen. Then it displays optional meals from those ingredients within plus whatever dry goods, etc. and also makes suggestions of what to buy to complete a recipe.

2. A fridge that greets you in the morning, etc. tells you the weather

3. A fridge that has a system similar to a vending machine where the items go into the moving tray and then drop to the side, but with the exception that it puts the item at your hand level so you don’t have to bend down to get anything

4. A refrigerator with an automatic brightness adjustment light, like smart phones

5. A self cleaning refrigerator

6. A refrigerator with odor control (no more need for a box of baking soda)

7. A refrigerator that can let you know when something in it has expired and throws it away (with your permission) for you

8. A refrigerator that can fill your coffee maker with water

9. A super light weight full size refrigerator that can be moved easily

10. Adjustable color panels or something for the outside of the refrigerator, want it green? done. blue? done. etc.

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