Flying Off The Handle

I threw up for almost the entire time on my first plane ride. I was just about to turn six. The motion sickness wiped away all my thoughts of sand dunes and cacti. I thew up a lot as a kid. Mostly from being car sick. Other times it was migraines that allowed me to review my last meal.


As an adult I fortunately left behind motion sickness and migraines. I’ve done a bit more flying but not too much. I am just going to wing it for this list.

Day 6 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Today is about traveling and how to make it easier with emphasis on flying

There are tons of articles about “the fastest way to board a plane”. I’ve got nothing to contribute here. However, ideally people would more patient and considerate. Seeing how that won’t happen anytime soon, maybe some sort of incentive to each passenger to board quickly. Maybe something as simple as a chocolate in every seat or something more substantial like a future discount on bag fees, instant credit back, or miles. Don’t underestimate people’s desire for free things. And most Americans at least generally will rise up for a challenge if they benefit. An airline could offer an incentive that if the plane is boarded in a certain goal time, everyone gets rewarded.

It might not be making it easier, but to help with passengers, perhaps the airlines could up their game on the boarding/departing screens. They are so old school train station style with list of info. Maybe an updated modern graphic interface showing where planes are could help ease travelers minds. Even an app that they could download to give them that info right to their smart device could make it convenient. I think the more information you can share with your clients, the less they are in the dark, the more happy they are or understanding at least. Hopefully.

The same could go for luggage. Where is it? The airlines could send you the info on your app. Is it still on the plane? On the baggage cart? On the carousel? The airline could charge to add a RFID tag to your bag ticket so you could have this info. Or consumer could use a work around with Tile to track on their own.

Well that’s all I got on flying. Claudia already touched on suitcases and packing smarter. Both good ideas.

Other travel ideas

Set a meal plan ahead of time so you can have one less thing to think about. It can be meals that are easy to take with you (i.e. protein bars and shakes) or trail mix, etc. Or just a plan where you are going to get food so when you are hangry you don’t worry about spending brain power on how to fix it.

I’ve done several road trips (idea for future blog posts) and I’ve taken food along with me for snacking and the whole trip depending on where I was going. Depending on your sense of adventure, planning or just going for it, will determine what other travel ideas make the most sense to you.

On a handful of trips I only outlined where I was going and the major highways to get there. I took a minimal supply of food and no change of clothes. It was awesome.

As for ten ideas, I’m going to come up short on this one. Oh well. Guess I need to travel more. And fly to new heights.

Bonus  Travel Tip:

My dad traveled for business a lot when we were growing up. He would be out of town for a few days at a time. One travel tip my dad passed on to me was to rent the same make and model vehicle everywhere you go. That way you don’t have to relearn all the cars features when you get to a new place.

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