Resistance is Futile

A notification. Someone sent me a Google hangouts message.

Then ding! Another.


I knew it was my wife. And I knew I was about to fall asleep. Sorry honey, as much as I love you, I wasn’t about to answer the message. I didn’t have my phone within reach and the computer was all the way on the desk four feet from me. Let me say I had a dream for a grand experiment.

So I’ve written before on phones before but I don’t care. This time my phone obsession is a bit different. The idea of the inability to resist a notification.

You should do an experiment on this. Next time you are not actively using your phone see how long you can go before checking it. One on my recent tweets:

Really this is an issue. People used to have the same issue when the phone rings. People don’t call each other anymore that much. Sometimes you want to chat or keep up but don’t have time or need for a full blown convo.

To what end?

Why do this experiment? Test your self-discipline. Follow me and break free.

Another notification. Gotta go.

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