Follow, Bend or Break

I used to be a rule follower.

One day in preschool we were divided up into two groups. Group One got to stay upstairs and play with the sand table. Group Two got to go down to the basement and ride Big Wheels. I was in group Two along with about 12 girls and 3 other boys. The 3 other boys wanted to play in the sand more than they wanted to ride Big Wheels with the girls. They switched groups right when we got up to go to our areas. I was too chicken. I went downstairs.


For a while I was a rule breaker.

This was a terrible part of my life. Let’s just say I’ve learned better since then.

Now I am more of a rule bender.

I understand the importance of rules, but sometimes the spirit of the law is more important than the letter. Some guy I know taught that once….

Day 9 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

I love Claudia’s idea about the cookies. Yum!

So in finding ways for JetBlue to improve coach I went to their website to see what they all ready do.

To be honest coming up with ways to improve on JetBlue coach service seemed impossible. They have it all with: Even More Space, Early boarding,Early access to overhead bins. JetBlue Mint includes lie-flat seats in the front of our cabin, four of which are suites. First checked bag free. Top flight entertainment that includes In addition to the 36 channels of DIRECTV® and 100 channels of SiriusXM Radio® at your fingertips on every JetBlue flights* take in new release films with JetBlue Features and unique content from Plus-TV. Enjoy a wide selection of complimentary brand name snacks and beverages on every flight. Our complimentary Snooze Kit and Eye-Opener service with an eyeshade and ear plugs, while the pre-landing service treats customers to a refreshing hot towel plus coffee, orange juice or bottled spring water. And The rumors are true – JetBlue’s Fly-Fi® is real broadband Internet in the sky! All this taken directly from

I’ve never flown JetBlue so I am going to have to guess what they can do to improve. They may already do some of these things. You tell me.

One idea I did not see on the list was choose any seat. I think I recently read that Southwest Airlines allows this. Therefore it is not really my idea.

Another idea that fascinated me about airlines I heard recently was a windowless airplane. There was something about windows adding too much to the cost of building planes (or safety or both). To compensate for the lack of a view the airline was installing cameras on the exterior of the plan and providing devices to all passengers to access these video feeds. This is awesome to me because of A) cost savings B) the possibility for everyone to “get a window seat” C) that your view is more than just one window but from various parts of the plane.


Ok first real idea. Bigger bathrooms. Most every plane I’ve been on had tiny bathrooms. Bigger bathrooms would make the experience less awkward for everyone.

I did not see noise canceling headphones on their list. I guess the music and TV thing provide them but if they don’t then they should provide them for passengers even if they just want silence and not media.

Speaking of media, another idea would be for a partnership with an ebook retailer (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) for a free book download. Some passengers maybe prefer reading over the other media options. You give away movies, television and music, why not books?

Another idea is to have special accommodations for parents with small children or infants. Perhaps allowing them preferential seating or boarding. I don’t fly much so I don’t know if this already exists. Maybe I think I’ve heard it happens on Southwest or something like that. Can you tell I live near Dallas Love Field?

A partnership with Bath & Body Works, or similar retailer, for a small bottle of hand lotion. Dry skin is annoying.

A partnership with Wrigley to give away a free pack of Extra Gum for every passenger to help with the ear pop from the change in altitude.

Not sure if this would be on JetBule’s end of things. But during the ticket purchasing process, for people who buy online tickets and print them at home, everyone who purchases a JetBlue ticket and printed it would also have on it a coupon for a free cup of Starbucks coffee, compliments of JetBlue.

The next idea is inspired by the tradition of giving leis in Hawaii. Do they really do that? Or was that just a TV/movie thing? The idea is to give passengers a small giveaway that is appropriate to the climate of the area they get off the flight. Getting off in Phoenix? Here are some sunglasses or suntan lotion. Getting off in Ontario in winter? Here is a pair of gloves or some gel hand warmers. You get the idea.

Make coach seating material upgrades to something softer, more luxurious, perhaps a synthetic leather, etc.

Perhaps some upgrades to the seating in another way with seat warmers (especially in cold regions) or built in back massagers. Also a memory foam headrest to make it more enjoyable to sit back on a long flight.

Looking back at it now, I feel like I was super popular with the ladies from a young age.

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