All dressed up, now where to go?

This morning I ate huevos rancheros. Actually it was just scrambled eggs with a Greek yogurt ranch dressing. But it would have been awesome if it were huevos rancheros. Awesome for my stomach and mouth. Not so much for my workout plan. The power of food is great at bringing people together.

Day 10 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 meet up ideas and how everyone can participate

1. Let’s start with a gimme. The meet up of the silent reading that I proposed a Coursera on would also be a great meet up once you know how to set one up. Plus everyone who just shows up with a book is automatically participating.

2. Climbing meetup

Let’s get together and indoor rock climb. Bring your gear if you got it. If not you can rent some. Young and old. Everyone who wants to challenge themselves physically and mentally with exhilaration will love this activity. Hey if you can climb out of bed in the morning you can climb a wall.

3. Costume Movie meetup

People love to dress up. See Halloween. See prom. See weddings. et al. So why not pick a movie and invite your friends or an Array of Strangers. See how many people truly are the characters their web profile says they are. BTW, I AM BATMAN! Harry Potter would be a good one. The classic: Rocky Horror Picture Show. Star Wars. Have fun with it.

4. Dog Park meetup (Chi owners, Pit owners, Lab owners, etc.)

Have a group of people with the same breed dog all show up to the DP on the same day same time. Have puppy love. Or love your puppy. Whichever. Don’t like just one breed? Just get everyone you know to bring their pooch. Wag away!

5. Fitness meetup

Calling all muscle heads, jocks, and fitness gurus. Just jump in and have a mass workout in one of those flash mob type things. Everyone show up to work out in Park “P” at Time “T” on Day “D” and have a blast. Find new friends or learn some new moves (if your not busy making them…).

6. Coffee meetup

If you don’t like it black, just send it back. It could be a coffee drinking contest. Lessons about the history of different types of beans. To participate just grab a cup. Local coffee shop will probably love to host. Just ask or surprise them.

7. Beards and brews

Home brew never looked so good. If your not a dude, show up anyways. If you are a dude and don’t have a beard, don’t bother. Well if you just can’t grow a beard you can cry in your beer. Share tips and stories of your latest brew experiments. Don’t brew? Learn how. Everyone will be able to participate with a welcoming host who makes it his goal to make introductions and hand out beer. Plus alcohol lowers inhibitions so talking should flow as a result.

8. Write & Fight Night (WFN) (sorta like chess boxing)


You like to write? You also like to fight? Come down to Write and Fight Night (WFN). You have a round of writing (creative or otherwise) and then a round of making it harder to write. This will have match ups that will be legendary. If the fighting ends in a draw, then the audience judges the stories and selects a winner. Test your toughness and literary skills all in one fantastic fun filled feature event.

9. Volunteer Project

Call up organizations and ask them a project they need done but haven’t had the time or manpower to do and organize a meet up where people show up to help out.

10. Stay home. Don’t meet up with anyone.

If you need me to help you with your meet up, just let me know and I’ll do whatever I can. I’m really looking forward to someone sending me pictures from their WFN.

Until then I’ll be washing down my eggs with more coffee.

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