I wasn’t out searching for love or affection

We never spoke. We never actually dated. But I had a girlfriend for a while. She just didn’t know it. We always sat next to each other in some lame college class. Intro to Ancient Philosophy or something like that. We would give each other coy side glances. She would bounce her foot up and down how girls do when they cross their legs. I would just admire her beauty.

The apex of our relationship is when we were at a free concert on the campus lawn one night. I had wondered there for who know what reason. Then while I was standing as close to the stage as I could get she walked up next to me. Or at least I think it was her. I never looked directly at her that night. And I never saw her again.

Like my lame college non-relationship, Yoga is best done in silence.

Day 11 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Now this truly is an exercise in allowing yourself to have bad ideas. The only yoga I’m accustom to is from working out in P90X and P90X3. Most of these are modification or adaptations on other moves and may not be original (I’m no yogi). Here they are in all their wackiness.

1. Pre-Crane: Because you gotta start small
703 702

2. Tea and Croissants : This is a modification of Crescent pose with “T” arms. Because variety is the spice of life.

 704 705

3. Shrub: A variation of tree with a shoulder stretch


4. Weeping Willow: Tree pose with a forward bend/hang


5. 3-Legged Dog: Downward dog with a knee bent and foot placed on other knee.


6. X-Navy Seal: Seal pose with legs crossed at the ankles


7. Running Man: Shoulder stand with feet in a running motion


8. Buoy: This will stretch you as you float through your yoga routine


9. Super Hero: A warrior pose with a forward lean and arms extended


10. Maximum Warrior: Warrior Three with a shoulder stretch


It’s best if we never talk about this post....


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