I Got Slaughtered

I used to be a gamer. I would play for hours. First it was NES. Then we got a computer. My life was over. I had cold click hand before that was a thing.

I played just about anything. I love puzzle and strategy games most. Arcade type challenges. I never much got into FPS. My first experience with one was Duke Nukem and it made me sick. I used to get motion sickness all the time.

I worked as a score keeper for little league baseball. My best job ever and more on that later. Bought my own N64. Played that when I wasn’t on the computer.


Age of Empires was a love of mine. It was like another old standby, SimCity 2000, but way awesomer. Building a civilization, managing and upgrading, and then war.

At first I was into the peaceable nerdy management stuff. Gold good. More stone ok. Food sure. Then I played online (before consoles could do this). And I got slaughtered. I was being rushed.

This was a strategy I never had playing against just the computer. It involves getting to a point of upgrading “ages” asap and developing a small skirmish force to kill your opponents while they are not yet strongly rooted. And it changed my perspective forever.

Enough on that for now.

Point is those were different times. And I feel the same about today’s 10 ideas.

Day 14 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Ideas for articles will be easy. Investigate harder. For what publications? Impossible.

And here is why. I am not calling anyone old, but I’m a Millennial. And like my computer gaming I grew up online.

Sure I’ve had magazine subscriptions and even a newspaper at one point. Gasp! I know there are modern equivalents with powerful and influential websites. But I don’t care.

I think they are fine, but I don’t think I have to be on them. I don’t care to ever see my name, Michael Paine, or twitter handle @StrangerArray in print or on some site viewed by millions. I wouldn’t mind. I just am not seeking that.

I Choose Myself, and suggest you Choose Yourself too. I publish whatever I want when I want here on my blog. So the idea of writing for a publication and hoping they choose me, they won’t, is silly to me. I just write here.

The Ideas for articles

1. Dallas Victory Park is under going revitalization. That would be cool to get inside what is being planned and share it. It appears to be an interesting place to bring some life back into the city. We’ll see.

2. Dallas had it’s share of the 2014 Ebola scare. An article about the aftermath would be interesting. What changes were actually made at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas? Did anyone get fired? Or blamed even? What about the families that were impacted. Or even quarantined? Tell us!

3. Why do bullies like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett get praised while kids get shafted and have to learn about anti-bullying? Money. That’s why. But seriously that is why. If you make lots of money and help others make lots of money you can be a jerk. I didn’t see the movie but the previews of The Wolf of Wall Street seems to confirm that. I wouldn’t recommend it. In fact I would recommend being kind and helpful over making lots of money. But that is a different story.

4. What about that Christian Fenger Academy High School that even the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation could not help. Paul Tough writes about it in his book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character


I don’t recall if he explained what finally happened or not. If not lets get the scoop.

5. Fracking. What more do I need to say? What is the true story? A local town banned it within city limits. Funny thing is, to the best of my knowledge it wasn’t even going on within city limits…

6. Not sure who to go to on this one. The reemergence of beards. What’s with it? I mean I’ve got one. And had one since I could because I had always wanted one. I only shaved it completely off once in the last six years. I did this not too long ago.


See how terrible I look without one.


Ahh! There that’s better.

For me the beard is just natural. Less hard to keep. Forget shaving everyday. So is it just a generational thing or is there more going on here? You report. I decide.

7. A future article. The Sallie Mae student loan industry will probably collapse. I just guessing. If you forgive people’s loans, but not others then people will catch wind and stop paying too. Plus a lot of people are graduating and not finding full time employment thanks to business advantages of keeping people part time and or temporary. James talks about this in his book Choose Yourself. No jobs = no payment of loans. Or worse getting more loans for a graduate degree and then not paying those either. So when it all goes down, who is going to tell the story?

8. Doctors make claims that turn out to be wrong all the time. Latest is the thing about pregnant women eating fish. Who is gonna hold these doctors to a higher standards? Not only are the wrong. They give the flat out opposite advice. Never trust anyone who says to never do something. Or to always do something. Be suspicious. Find multiple opinions. Don’t follow pop medicine.

9. Something about modern food industry and HFCS. Obesity epidemic? Is it real? Who’s fat? New definition adopted. Healthy eating. Yeah I think this is a bad idea.

10. What is the deal with the internet believing all the bees are going instinct? I’ve seen more bees than ever last year. Are they migratory? Do the only come out in certain temperatures or climates? Everyone who says the bees are going away all have some sorta of interest in you giving them money. Nobody is really standing up for the bees side of things and that they are not going away. Who is on their side really?

Ultimately I’m not into investigations. I am curious. However, I guess I don’t want to do that kind of work. If it is your thing, please by all means write about these and then share with me your blog.

I’ll be busy playing some computer games.


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