Et Tu?

I didn’t participate in sports in high school. I thought I was better for it. I was probably just a better jerk. I had just picked running because I was trying to get into shape and take care of myself. And all I needed to do it was a pair of shoes.

The build up to the 2006 event went well. I set a plan and followed it. I did okay during the event and was excited to run in a group. I think that might have been the first time I had ever run with so many people. It was exhilarating. I wanted more. I was going to do it again but this time longer!


I think marathon’s are a dumb idea. Didn’t the guy who did the first one collapse and die? Good let’s all go running to our deaths.

So after doing a half marathon in 2006, I decided to do a full one. The training started slow. I wasn’t so into running by myself as I was before. I’m sure all other things were going on in my life too. Well one night I was going out for a two part jog for 12 miles. The first leg was 5 miles and then a stop at home. This is where things went wrong. Then out again for the next 7.

That’s when it happened. I threw up. This was the first time I ever ran so much I threw up. I felt like I was going to die. A premonition?

It was totally my fault though. Remember when I stopped at home? Yeah I ate a snack while I was there. Well not really a snack. I scarfed down several Taco Bell empanadas. I don’t know who had bought them but someone in my family left them out. And being 1 of 7 children you learn to eat now because it might not be there later.

I am sure I guzzled down a bunch of water too. Back to running. Stomach sloshing. Then I threw up. I just walked home after that. Defeated. Then I quit running for almost 2 years.

Day 15 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

We recently started getting rid of stuff. We had been meaning to after our move. In large part we were inspire by this podcast: Ep 194 – How to Throw Out Everything. Also we did sell some of the stuff on eBay. So what are somethings I can get rid of and maybe recycle?

1. The black trunk full of “memories”.

This has been in my garage for over two years. I’ve only opened it two or three times. My plan is to either throw the items away or take pictures/scan the items into a digital format and then get rid of it. Also if I do scan it or take a picture then I will have to write about it. If that seems like to much work then I am just going to toss it. It is a kind of incentive plan.

2. The blue case full of “memories”.

Same deal as above.

3. The clear boxes full of “memories”.

Same. This reminds me of an article I came across yesterday about this also by Emma Johnson. I’ve been hanging on to this stuff because I didn’t want to deal with it. Well the time has come to deal with it. But because it is so much I am going to spend a few hours on it each weekend. We did last weekend and will do it again next weekend. Also I didn’t want to let go of somethings, but now I do. More on Letting Go of Childhood in the future.

4. Cups.

We have so many plastic cups it is ridiculous. We don’t need so many. Yet we have them. And use a fair number of them. But we don’t need so many so they will be dealt with.

5. Paint Supplies.

We both did stints as contract painters at various points in life. And paid for it too. But that’s a different story for another post. Point is we have too many tools we don’t need because we never want to paint again. We painted our house when we moved in and that will be our last paint job. Who am I kidding? Painters For Life (PFL). Some stuff, like the ladder, is worth keeping because of its usability and durability. Dirty unwashed brushes? Not so much.

6. Heating Blanket.

I have not seen us use this once in over 6 years of marriage. Time for it to go.

7. Extra camping gear.

We have stuff we just don’t use or need. Time to pack it up and move it out.

8. Toys in the Attic.

For the kids we don’t have. I had been keeping them to pass on and share. We want kids one day, but they probably won’t want my old toys. So this is goodbye my old pressed plastic construction sets and Star Wars figures.

9. “Spare parts”.

The assortment of screws and pieces that have accumulated over the years that I don’t need and never use. Thanks IKEA.

10. Empty egg cartons.

We thought we were going to buy farm fresh eggs. So we saved several empty egg cartons. We found out the farm eggs would cost the same as the ones we get from Whole Foods. So we get them at the store instead. Plus it is way less hassle than setting up an egg deal.

11. Digital Clean Up.

Close tabs you are never going to read or get to. Delete bookmarks. Does anybody use bookmakers besides the ones on the bookmark bar? Delete old files and pictures. We have mountains of digital garbage. Baggage of personal data. I’ve got files from two or three previous computers stored on my current computer. Thanks to Carbonite and other back up services.

Seriously I never use these files and they can be gone with just a click. What is stopping me? This article “How Clutter Affects Your Brain (and What You Can Do About It)” by Mikael Cho (@mikaelcho) touches on what I am talking about with digital junk and with the topic of clutter in general.

12. Delete contacts in your phone.

Delete contacts of people you don’t routinely contact.

Throwing up is easier because your body does it for you. Throwing stuff away doesn’t have to be as painful.


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