You Haven’t Seen This Gratitude List on Buzzfeed

We were on a mission. We were trying to find an anime store. I came to really appreciate the Japanese style cartoon in high school for their interesting story lines and type of issues that they address that went way beyond typical American Saturday morning cartoons.

We would joke that would spend our whole paychecks on anime. aWe had tons of discretionary income and hardly any bills. This particular trip we are trying to find a store called Planet Anime in Dallas. It didn’t seem too unreasonable and we had been to two A-kons before and survived. So surely going to a store shouldn’t be too hard. We were wrong.

That night we ended up on I-75 in Plano at some small restaurant that made a spicy chicken sandwich that was delicious. I have not been back since but I probably should go. We ended up getting to the approximate location where we thought we should be which ended up being off Montfort and 635 in Dallas. Finally we pulled into the parking lot. We looked at the address and compared it to the address of the phone book that we found in the trunk of my car. For the record the U.S. Postal Service office that we ended up at does not sell anime.

In addition to collecting and watching anime I also had a Star Wars figurine collection. I would always be on the lookout for places where I can find the figures that I did not have in order to add to my collection. Part of this collecting process took me to the regular stores you might find toys at Walmart and Target and also from time to time Toys “R” Us.

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This is where things get interesting. We went around the store looking for the Star Wars isle then we proceeded to continue walking around the store. I’m not sure if we ended up buying something that day. I think I bought a figure, or two, or three, or four. I don’t know I had a ton of figures by the time I finished my collection. Well I never really finished it but ultimately just gave up. On the way out the door either a loss prevention person or the manager or one of the employees accosted us. He said to me, “What do you have in your pants?” Me being the crass high school boy I was answered, “Nothing but my genitals, sir.” He gave me a funny stare. Then he let me walk out the door. I am not sure who it was more awkward for.

Day 20 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.


1. I used to be regretful, angry and upset that I lived in our day and age. The idea that the past times were a more simple life that was better may not be as true as you and I may sometimes think. In fact I am sure life was just as difficult if not more so. Perhaps this is one of the biggest things that I am grateful for now in my life. Our times are amazing! Especially for those who are curious and want to see and know more about the world around us. Want to see the Taj Mahal? Just click here. Grand Canyon? Or the Rockefeller Center? You get the idea.

I know it is not entirely the same as being there in person, but just the ability to be able to see something in so many pictures and perspectives all at the tip of your fingers is amazing! I think we take this for granted too often being always connected. And don’t get me started on cell phones.

This is amazing that we can travel the world so to speak with the click of a button. We can converse with people around the globe. Here’s to you @jessalanfields, @God_FearingMan, @maja_gray and @iteatshere, et al. We have the ability to make contact with people who would otherwise be off our radars or out of reach to the “common man”, looking at you @ClaudiaYoga, @jaltucher, @apatzer, and @melrobbins. These truly are amazing times indeed!

So this gratitude is one of being okay with my place in history and being happy to be alive in such exciting times!

2. I am grateful for this platform in which I can share my story with the world.

3. I am grateful for the possibility to have a positive influence on those around me.

4. I am grateful for the struggles and trials I have faced that have shaped my life for the better today.

5. I am grateful for a great support network of family and friends. You guys have helped me not only countless times in the past but continue to be there for me when I need you the most. Thanks!

6. I am grateful for the world full of art, music and entertainment that makes every day interesting.

7. I am grateful for opportunities to enhance my life beyond the stereotypical “American Dream”.

8. I am grateful for my transformation in life to be flexible and open to change.

9. I am grateful for finding this way to enhance my life and especially my mornings forever!

10. I am grateful for every breath I take. Thank you God!

I am still on a mission, but it’s not to buy anime…

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