Who Really Reads Anyways….

Wet dirty fluids were dripping on my face. I took the towel and wiped them off. I was trying to shine the light to see better. I even had my phone in there using the camera to help take pictures of the situation. It turns out to be something called the Quick Connect. But once you take it off it doesn’t connect back on again. That quick.


“How did I get here?” I ask myself. The simple switch between the white kitchen sink sprayer to a chrome sprayer should have taken no more than 5 minutes. The actual transition was that quick. However, there was a drip that became a leak. I had to you find out what was wrong. The gasket ring in the sprayer did not do it’s job.

Could I buy a replacement part or put on a different hose? They wouldn’t connect properly. The universal parts kit wasn’t universal. Can I order the part online? For way more than I was willing to pay around $50. Or I can buy it in store for the same $50 because it was special order. To compare all the other ones were ten to fifteen dollars at the most. And this was supposed to be just a cosmetic switch so I didn’t want to spend that much money on it.

Ultimately the best solution became if I was going to spend that much money, just replace the entire kitchen faucet set up with a brand new one from the hardware store. Which I ended up doing. At the same time we decided to replace our two bathroom faucet set ups also. I have always been able to do good job putting things together and taking things apart. I always did it with my toys as a kid. And the only difference between back then and now is that plumbing involves water.

Having dealt with broken backed up toilets before with broken toilet flaps or flush chains, I’ve had plenty of experience turning off water when working on plumbing. That part of the equation is fine. However there’s a part in sink plumbing, a little u-shaped pipe, called a p-trap, that help keep bad smells in the pipes and not in your house. Problem with taking it off is that it also contains some water. Which was unpleasant. When I took off the old parts, aged worn out gaskets started falling off in pieces. Getting all over the place and everything dirty. Good thing I replaced the faucets anyways because these parts were probably 10 years old and might have gone bad soon anyways. Plus we get the added benefit of the sleeker more modern cosmetic look that we like.

One hang up with the kitchen faucet we bought was that it was a four hole set up instead of a three.I didn’t let that stop me. There was an easy work around. I decided after several bloody knuckles and swear words that even though I can do plumbing I never want to be a plumber.

Day 21 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 ideas of the titles of books you could write to leave your wisdom behind with 3 items each for the Table of Contents.

1. How to keep 50 kids alive for 120 minutes and maybe teach them something too

a) Getting and keeping their attention

b) Storytelling and talking to them as people

c) Having appropriate expectations: They are not adults, but they are not dumb either

2. How to calm down an angry teenager

a) The power of listening

b) The power of caring

c) The power of love and logic

3. How to have a successful quiet time

a) Get rid of distractions

b) Have a Goal or Plan

c) Getting better at it one day at a time

4. How to know when it is time to walk away

a) What’s good for others might be killing you

b) Saying “NO” to people you care about

c) Avoiding Burn Out

5. How to listen

a) Going beyond hearing

b) Stop responding in your head

c) People can tell the difference

6. How to enjoy being by yourself

a) Finding individual activities and hobbies

b) Reading to live

c) Being okay with silence

7. How to survive life as a middle child

a) Being the youngest one in the home

b) Being the oldest one in the home

c) Being the in the middle to infinity and beyond

8. How to build anything with enough imagination

a) Don’t let the bastards grind you down

b) Don’t let reality stop you from dreaming: Imagining what “Could be” over what “Can be”

c) Being okay with incomplete

9. The Ultimate Guide to Pretending to Work

a) Looking Busy

b) Keep Moving

c) Alt + Tab

10. How to let nature take its course

a) The action of inaction

b) The power of letting go: not micromanaging

c) Trust: it begins with you

11. How to deliver bad news

a) Straight talk

b) Speak gently

c) Stop and listen

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours.

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