Read or Die

No frills today. Just idea sex.


Day 26 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.


My Ideas:

Title: How To Give Away Your Money Safely
Subtitle: A Poor Man’s Guide To Spending Money Smarter

Title: Life Is Complicated
Subtitle: Play By Your Own Rules

Title: Find Your Currency
Subtitle: Selling Your Value To The World

Title: No More Deliberation
Subtitle: Stop Swinging And Choose

Title: Making Volunteers Into Leaders
Subtitle: Cutting Through The White Noise

Title: More Than Money
Subtitle: How To Find Fulfillment When Money Fails

Title: Never Go Bankrupt Again
Subtitle: Building Relationships With Ease

Title: Network Of Ideas
Subtitle: Improve Your Innocence

Title: Something Is Better Than Nothing
Subtitle: Friends, Riches, And Revenge

Title: What Are You Capable Of?
Subtitle: Where Will You Be Found When The Chips Are Down


Any sound like books you would like to read?

Or do you think you have something to write to contribute to any of them?

Let me know below in the comments or share on social media!


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