Don’t Believe The Hype

What if I told you I had the secret to success? What if I told you all you had to do was these 7 simple things?


What if all I did was keep telling you stories? Unverifiable antidotes. And giving you general platitudes. Feel goodery that made you excited about what could come next.

What if I just kept going on and on and on. Building you up and giving you hope. Giving you a vision of what you want. But not giving you any actual content. Actual facts. Or any verifiable evidence?

What if I told you that you only had to follow a simple formula? A plan. An easy step-by-step guide. A system. It is so easy a newborn could do it. And it’s not too late! You’re not too old! You’re not too young! Not too poor! You don’t need any more formal education. You don’t need anything!

What if I told you hundreds and thousands of other people have done it?

What if I peek your interest with fancy things like Lamborghinis? Expensive beach front properties? Vacation houses? Piles of cash? Big checks written to me to prove I know what I’m talking about. To prove that my title as a success coach is more than just a title. That it is something real. Something you too can achieve! Something that you can have as long as you dream it! Build it! Do it!

And you can have it all for free!

If you’re anything like me you’ve seen plenty of people selling success books. They have downloads. They have freebies. Giveaways. Charts. Graphs. Step systems. Everything!

They puff up your ego. Build up your desires. Give you tons of information. Plenty of stories for you to remember. Real principles for you to actually apply. They tell you ultimately it depends on you and what you do. They are selling success and getting rich off it.

So my question for you is it wrong?

They give you something. Often many somethings. Many stories. And at the end you’re excited. But you realize you don’t remember exactly everything they talked about. But conveniently they have it all compiled for you in the form of a book. A book that you can purchase right on the spot. Right away. Right now. While you’re hot thinking about it and excited. No need for you to go home and think about it.

Being the competent sales person that they are they have used all the tricks of the trade. Created the need now. They have shown you that you can afford it. They may have broken down the cost.

The high flying generalities and platitudes are so simple it’s hard to argue with them. You can’t say that it’s not true. That if you work for things, if you keep trying, that they won’t happen. But you can’t say that they will either. Ambiguity.

What’s the deal with secrets anyway?

If it is so secret why is it something that we’ve all heard before? You’ve all heard it. Stories from childhood. It is just a reminder really. And although that is not wrong and may have value, it’s not a secret.

But that’s the hook. The allure. The reason to pay attention. The reason to stay interested. To stay focused. To stay alert. To see if they’re going to say something that you haven’t heard before. To see if they are going to tell you something. But it is a bait and switch. They hook you. But then they sell you something else. They tell you they’ve got a secret, but then they tell you common sense truth.

So why should you care? What difference does it make? I suppose not at all. Not at all if you don’t mind filling your book shelves with books that have information that isn’t really knowledge but psudeo-knowledge. Sayings about sayings. Phrases about phrases. Secrets about secrets.

“A rich man is wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has discernment sees through him.”

My goal and aim is to be entirely truthful, authentic, and honest. As my reader, if you ever feel that I’m straying from this please let me know. Stop reading and contact me. Call me out.

I don’t want to be a salesman of success.

I want to truly help people.

I want to do meaningful things to improve people’s lives. If it means my time. If it means my money. If it means something that is a sacrifice to me. As long as it is able to help. Truly then I’d like to give it.


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