When allowance is not enough

Ever since I was a kid I thought about business ideas. I thought my friend Steve and I could run a lawn mowing service. I hated mowing lawns and we never did it. But I would think of all sorts of ways we could make business cards and run our business.

Another thing I was fascinated with as a kid was miniature golf. I always wanted to have a miniature golf course. But not the kind that you see around a lot of places now. Just plain holes. I want the fun kind with obstacles and all that. I would draw pictures of miniature golf courses. I would come up with all sorts of crazy ideas for them. I even one time built my own miniature golf course hole in my backyard.

It never really came to fruition.

It was a haphazard project. I had a piece of plywood that I drilled a hole into. Along the edge of the plywood I naiked some scrap two by fours. I didn’t have the artificial turf I wanted to lay over it. It was hot working outside. I got a couple of splinters. So I gave it up.

These aren’t exactly set up a stand sort of business ideas. A kid could have a stand to draw attention and then explain the services. Many of these ideas are service oriented and might be sell-able through door to door offerings. That was my lawn mowing plan.

Day 33 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

beat a video game level for other kids

dog jogging service

leaf raking

car wash

upload pictures to facebook

list items on eBay

pick up dog poop

make twitter profiles

dog wash

file your taxes

I come up with ideas that I don’t want to do. If you like them, take them, gratis.

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