Anyone up for a game of…?

Day 38 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Create 10 simple card games and tell the rules. I had tons of fun creating these. I have not tried them, yet…


1. HiLo – Two Players

Assign black cards 2 points and red cards 1 point.

Draw 5 cards strategically or randomly. You and your opponent play a card. If you think you can beat them play it face up. If you think you’re going to lose play it face down.

If they are both placed face up, then higher card (black wins).

After each turn draw another card to get a hand of five.

If ones places a card face down and the other face up:

If face down card is black and “wins” they don’t get to keep cards/points.

If both place face down, then highest card (black) wins points.

If it is a tie (both blacks face up, both reds face up, both blacks face down, both reds face down) you place a second card like in the card game of War. Then proced by above rules apply.

Determine how many points you want to play to (50 points) before you start the game. Have fun!

2. Triangle Solitaire – 1 player

Deal cards face down into the following configuration:

  X  X
X  X  X

With four cards face down per stack and the fifth card face up.

Keep the remaining 7 cards face down. Turn over the top card. Now you can only take a card off the Triangle if it is +/- 1 from the value of the shown card. i.e. if the shown card is a 7 you can pick up a 6 or 8 from the Triangle. If you are able to get a card then flip the face down card on the Triangle pile. Keep going until you clear the triangle. If you get stuck, flip another card from the face down pile and keep going.

3. Four Square Solitaire – 1 player

Deal deck face up in a square of four as pictured:


Starting at the top left, look at the suit of the card and color. The player will move the card one space right, left, up or down. with the aim of getting all spades in top left, diamonds top right, hearts bottom left, clubs bottom right.

After moving too left card, proceed clockwise until all four cards are moved. Then put the top card of each stack on the bottom of the stack and repeat procedure with new top cards. Go unitl all four stacks are complete.

You have to move each of the four top cards each round.

4. Line Dance – 1 player

Deal deck face up in row of three:


Starting at the left column look at the top card’s value. If it is higher than the one to the right (in the middle column), move the top card to the right into the middle column. If it is lower, move it left (to the 3rd column). Next look at the middle column and repeat the higher lower comparison. Then repeat with the third column. Keep going until all the cards are in one stack.

5. Twenty-Eight – Multi-player

Ace is valued 1 or 14 by player choice. Jack value 11, queen 12, king 13. Deal one card face down and second face up. Play like blackjack/21 but with objective of reaching a total of 28.

6. One More – Multi-player

Go fish variation. Like go fish but need a book of 4 cards of same suit. When asking opponent you must ask for card by value not by suit, even though you are matching any four cards of the same suit.

7. CYA : Cover Your Ace – Multi-player

Shuffle the deck. Deal the cards. Players trade cards face down to the right one card at a time. Once a play gets a run of three or more cards in a row they can lay them face up on the table. The can be anything from 2-K. No aces. The person who ends up with the most Aces at the end loses.

8. Double Decker – 1 player

Get two decks of cards. Aces are worth 1 point. Cards 2-10 are face value. Jacks are worth 11, Queens 12, Kings 13. Deal out all the cards face down in the following configuration:

  X X X X
 X X X X X
  X X X X

Turn over the top card of each stack. Now the objective is two get two cards that total a value of 13, or just a King. If they do then remove them to the side and flip over the top card on the exposed stack. Keep playing until you clear the board or crash!

9. Pool– Multi-player

Play like go fish but need books of 4 cards either all red or all black. Number values don’t matter. The trick is once you have a book of 4 place them face down. Like pool you are trying to get just one kind (stripes only or solids only). So once you start collecting red, try to stick to red. You won’t know what your opponent(s) are trying to collect so when the game is over the one with the most books of their chosen color wins. When you need to “pick a card” either from the center pile or you choose one at random from the opponent(s) hand.

10. Fifty-ONE card pick up.

Throw all but one card in the air. Get someone else to pick them up. It goes like this:


Ask for clarification in the comments. Or let me know how the game played out for you. Or you own game ideas.

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