Do Not Resuscitate

There was a terrible accident. Blood everywhere. Sirens blaring. Lights flashing. Speeding to the hospital. And then you arrive to find your love one. And the doctors standing around doing absolutely nothing to help them.

You just found out your loved one had a DNR.


That would be a surprise if you were not aware of it. For Day 39 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine the idea list is ways you could surprise a loved one that they would like. So if my beloved Sarah reads this the surprise is ruined. Or it may still be a surprise if I actually end up doing any of them randomly.

The Ideas:

1. Put a note of encouragement on her dashboard

2. Send her flowers on an unexpected day

3. Take her on an unplanned date

4. Show up at her work with chocolate

5. Make dinner

6. Take and wash her car

7. Take her out for lunch

8. Clean the bathrooms

9. Arrange for her to get a massage

10. Get an Italian Greyhound


Love is sooo cute!

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