How do you get the most for your money? 13 tips

Today I am supposed to come up with 10 ideas to get the most for your dollar. Well my dollar. But that is the thing. I have a few ideas about ways to do this.

But I want to know your ways. Because I don’t know everything. Thankfully!

My list might be things you have heard before so maybe you can share something I forgot or have yet to learn.

Please share on social media if you find these useful.

Thank you everyone who shared my 10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR GAME ON CRAIGSLIST


Day 44 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

1. Ask If That Is The Best They Can Do

This is great because you save money instantly and feel like a boss! I do not remember the last time I did this but it was not too long ago. I generally use it over the phone but I am sure it would work face to face. Maybe in a Craigslist transaction.

2. Say “Yes”

The other day I was canceling a service. When I had finished deleting my account, the company sent me a follow up email. They said something like they were sorry for me to go and that they have other things to offer. I am sure they were because they were no longer getting my money.

Reading the email payed off. Literally.

In it there was a line asking me if I wanted my money back.

I jumped on this chance!

I instantly emailed them back. They refunded my recent order 100%. I did not know how much of my money I would get back because the email was ambiguous. But if someone asks if you want your money back say “Yes!” And quickly. I figured it would just be the amount of my recent order, but hey it could have been more.

3. Say “No”

When in the process of buying our home we were asked to put into escrow $500 of earnest money. So we did.

Then the buyers came back during negotiations and asked us to put in an an additional $500. So we said “No.”

We were earnest. Hence the first $500. Plus we didn’t have a second $500 to depart with so easily.

So the idea is don’t always agree to give away your money. Even if it isn’t really giving it away.

4. Say You Are Going To Cancel Your Service

I suggest this only if you really mean it. Don’t lie. It is not good. I think it is something we all, present company included, need to work on being better at.

Now I had reached the end of my service contract and then the company want to charge me more per month for the same thing. I was not getting more. I was just going to pay more. So I told them I wanted to cancel my service with them.

They first tried to offer me a free month. But then I would continue at the higher rate. I said No.

They then tried to offer me TWO free months. But then I would continue at the higher rate. I said No.

Finally we got around to what it would take to keep me. I agreed that I would stay for not paying more. For only paying for what I already was for what I already was getting.

They agreed. This has saved me money that I would have otherwise been paying out for nothing more to benefit me.

5. Negotiate

This is kinda a culmination of the other ideas. People always suggest it. I don’t do it enough. Meh. Maybe in the future I will be better at this skill. For now just remember you can always get more for your money if you try to negotiate. Sometimes it is as simple as negotiating something else other than price. Like getting free delivery. When buying our washer and dryer they wanted to charge us for installation. I told them I would do it myself. It is not that hard. But when they guys came they did it for me. Either they didn’t know I didn’t pay for it. Or they were just being nice. Either way I saved money by saying “No” when asked if I wanted to pay more.

6. Shop Sales with Discounts

Double up things. Go when it is a sale and you have an extra % off offer. Look online, eBay, for people selling deals.

7. Buy In Bulk

This is another obvious one. However my twist to the idea is to sell what you don’t need in the immediate future. That way you save on price per unit of what you are buying and then if you sell the excess it is not sitting around your house and perhaps you can make enough to pay for the purchase itself.

8. Don’t Agree To Fees

This is something else I suppose you could negotiate. When signing up or ending a service ask if you can skip the fees. Find a way to make a deal to keep your money. It is always better not to part with it unnecessarily.

9. Preempt Potential Charges

When moving out of apartment there was a schedule of fees that they would impose if they did not find your clean up satisfactory. Many people suggest getting the apartment management to do a walk through with you. I never have. I was going to but ran out of time.

However when we were moving out we also were getting rid of some items. Mostly heavy furniture. My wife and I have determined that we don’t want to have heavy or large items. At least not items we can’t move by our selves. The largest heaviest thing we have now is our bed.

The largest heaviest thing we did have was an old piano.

When we had our garage sale before moving we tried getting rid of most all the larger items so we would not have to move them. We even listed the large pieces on Craigslist. The biggest being the piano. I don’t know if you have ever looked in the “Free” section but there is always a piano. Ours was listed. And it wasn’t even the nicest free piano.

We had absolutely no luck.

Finally my wife’s mother had a contact who came and took it. Thankfully! They ended up talking most all the other items too. All free. We really just did not want them anymore.

But there was one item left. And we were not going to take it. We had made arrangements to give it away for FREE to 3 different people. All fell through! We were on the way to the apartment to turn in our keys and meet the people who were going to take the last item. On the way there they called and backed out on us.

So when we went in to the apartment office we just leveled with them. We told them the truth about not being able to get rid of the item. They apartment paper said their would be a removal fee for items left. By talking to the management we were able to preempt the charge. She was kind and told us that they would take care of it without billing us.


10. Buy Non-Brand Items

Most people trying to save money buy store brands. But some people still don’t. Try it. I used to buy brand name toilet paper. But one day I didn’t. The non-brand item was different and uncomfortable. At first. After awhile though I have found it is sufficient to do the job. In fact I have come to like it better.

What non-brand items do you use? Or what brand items do you not want to part with?

Let me know.

11. Wait

This one is easy and hard. With the internet you can find the “best time” to buy all sorts of items. Cars. Appliances. Etc. Problem is, sometimes you need it right away. In that case buy used. Or if you can wait. Do so. Also patience is hard for people.

Have patience.

People tell me I have it. I wish I could give it away to others. If there is some way I would.

12. Buy Used

Buy used things to save money. Buying online is an awesome tool for this.

But you knew this.

13. Don’t

Don’t waste time or energy trying to get the most of your money. Just earn more money.

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