I don’t want my intestines to come out

King Jehoram died “to no one’s regret” ( 2 Chronicles 21:20 HCSB ) after having his “intestines come out” (v.15).

That was what I read in my Bible Study the other morning.

Today is Day 53 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Here are 10 wisdoms for generations to come and even for now.

1 Wake up early


Whatever time you wake up, try tomorrow to get up 1 hour earlier. It will change your whole day. If you don’t wake up the same time every day, I suggest you start. Get out of bed right away. Splash cold water in your face. It feels so good when I do that.

2 Always eat breakfast

Think beyond “breakfast” foods. Eat for nutrition. Pack in protein and carbs for breakfast to keep you fueled for the day.

3 My net-worth (which isn’t and never was much) is not my self-worth

I know this is a little cliche but I used to (and sometimes do) get really depressed and sad when my bank account is near $0. As in $.47 or $3.92 and $(-13.43) with me rushing to the bank to deposit a $20 before I get hit with an insufficient funds charge that lowers my account even further.

One day I finally got that the value of my bank account, thankfully, does not mean I am more or less of a person of value.

4 Flee the pursuit of wealth

These were the words of Roger, the guy who discipled me for a while. At first I was like, “umm… I need money to live” and “I have to work so why not get wealthy?”. And I may not fully understand this even now. But what I have learned through turning it over in my mind is this: Money is liquid and flows. In fact now it is data. Numbers on a machine. No amount of money is ever enough. Desiring money over God is not good. Focusing on money won’t help me get anymore of it or anywhere.

And I am still learning more about this each day.

5 Calling spending “investments” doesn’t make it so

I had bought into this advertising lie. It sure made me feel smart to buy things I wanted that would be good for my needs because they were “investments” in my future.

My debt to income ratio would disagree.

That “savings” number printed on the bottom of receipts is a lie to. How insulting. “We could have carged you $X but instead we benevolently let you save $ Y!! Aren’t we great! ” Truth is I never would have bought it if it was the higer price.

That reminds me of an episode of Curious George where he wonders if you are trying to get the lowest score in golf, you logically should just not play at all then your score would be zero.

I just now didn’t buy a boat, mansion, helicopter and private jet. All right now! I just “saved” upwards of $51,208,800! Now if only my “saved” money could be put to good use…

6 When life gets hard… take a nap

This works great for me. Usually when I am having problems (being angry, frustrated, not understanding something, can’t figure out a puzzle, etc.) I take a nap. Everything seems different once I have rested.

7 Get outside yourself

When I am thinking about myself all the time is when things start being terrible. When I was having a really bad time in my life between high school and the first few years of college I quit my job. I then got a job where I worked at a place that my job was to play with kids. It was a drop off “playcare”. I would act silly. Dance. Make them food. Anything to make a kid laugh. The whole point was that I was living for others and not focusing on my own life. It was always a fun day to go to work.

8 Don’t procrastinate

My life was filled with things that I “was going to do.” I was going to shoot a gun. I was going to indoor rock climb. I was going to write a book. Then I wouldn’t. I would just waste time. I would do other things but not the things I wanted to. I don’t know why. I would make excuses. I would find reasons not too. But finally one day I did. I went with my brother-in-law to the gun range. I had a blast! Pun intended. I joined a rock climbing gym. It was awesome! I wrote Conspire To Inspire.

9 Tell someone you love them

Only if you actually do. And not in a way that you want something from them. In a way that you appreciate them and want them to know that they are loved.

10 Read More

The more I read the better my life gets. I have not been reading as much as I was but I am reading more than I was a few days ago. More than a few months ago. I like to mix it up with fiction, non-fiction, “learning” type books, business books. And so on and so forth. I saw something similar to this on a teacher’s door once:


I like that because often times I meet people who don’t want to read because they don’t want to commit to reading front cover to back cover. My suggestion? Don’t. See above for reading suggestions.


I hope that I have made people’s life better before I die.

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