Did Gravity Falls create the phrase “cray cray”?

Ten Crazy Ideas


Day 55 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

1 If dogs walked on their hind legs (and talked)
2 Scientist were actually working on teleportation and food replicators
3 Synthehol (alcohol without the negative effects) was real. See here for progress. Or here for more explanation.
4 A helmet you put on that fixes your hair. It works in conjunction with a computer program that gives you weird and wacky options. No limits to style creativity. Cut. Color. Length.
5 Work full time, start a business and go to grad school at the same time
6 thought to text writing system/machine
7 eat a boloney sandwich for lunch everyday for a year
8 plant an egg and see if a chicken grows
9 have a dinner party and serve fancy feast cat food to your guest
10 get rid of your cell phone


If you couldn’t guess I’m busy lately. Better stories and lists in the future. I hope.

One thought on “Did Gravity Falls create the phrase “cray cray”?

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