I meant to wash it before wearing it

I instantly knew before she told me that I wasn’t the right person.


It is so common that the other day when I went to the doctor for my physical and I was in the waiting room. The nurse stepped to the door and called out my name. I stood up with confidence. I walked with her back into the hallway. She looked down at the chart. Then up at me. Then down at the chart.

And that’s when I knew.

The other guy in the lobby was also named Michael. The third guy there kinda laughed about it when I walked back out. Other Michael went in and I Sat back down. Again, “Michael”. I stood up less sure and walked towards her.

I paused.

The timing might have been off but I committed to it. I turn to the other guy and said, “Wait your name is not Michael too, is it?” The guy gave me a laugh either out of pity or courtesy. I’m not sure he really thought I was funny.

My mom gave me someone else’s clothes. I asked her if the guy died. She said he went to Colorado. About the same to me. She had said I might have known the guy. But I had no recollection. She said he went to my school my high school but considering that there were over 4000 kids at my high school and I was one of 700 in my graduating class I didn’t know.

I didn’t even know the person sitting to the right or to the left of me on graduation day.

His name was also Mike. There’s hundreds of thousands of people named Michael. I don’t know them all. I even met in person some dude with the same first and last name as me. My wife Sarah says maybe it doesn’t work the same with guys as it does a girls. She was instantly friends with a lot of girls name Sarah.

I have been friends with a handful of different Michaels but that doesn’t mean I knew the all of them. Michael was the number one boy’s name for something like 8 years in a row including the year I was born.

Back to wearing the other guy’s sweater.

I tried it on and it is almost like a costume to me. Like I am trying out someone else’s life. It is a style i don’t usually wear but dig. Sort of?

Day 58 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Who are 10 people I could introduce by way of “permission networking” that would have a benefit to both parties?
I have been thinking about this a ton ever since James and Claudia interviewed Jayson on Episode 195 of Ask Altucher. My wife and I love having people over for dinner. But up until now it has always been a party of four.

We have discussed having a larger group but didn’t know how to have it add value to both parties involved. This is definitely going to stretch my idea muscle today. Let’s hope it dose not break. Or I’ll have to look to yesterday to see ideas why to write down ideas if I don’t feel like it tomorrow.

These connections feel the same way to me as the other guys sweater. I am friendly to many but friends with few. Who to introduce and will it work? I would only be guessing. To help me more in the future I want to read Jayson Gaignard’s book Mastermind Dinners: Build Lifelong Relationships by Connecting Experts, Influencers, and Linchpins.


The amazon.com description in part:

“This is a playbook designed for those who want to create and cultivate meaningful relationships.

The speed by which I’ve turned my life around can easily be replicated and I’ve created this book to show you how. The key is the way in which you create and cultivate your relationships, and the concept of Mastermind Dinners is your vehicle.”

Claudia describes Jayson as a super connector and I have much to learn.

The first step for me is getting outside connecting myself to the results and just attempting to help connect others. To explain and let them know why I am suggesting they meet and also find out if they already know each other.

Some may seem random. Probably because they are.

1 Kameron V. and Jim R. => I know both have business intelligence
2 Linsey W. and Rebekah P. => Both have education focused careers
3 Sam E. and Mike T. => Just seem like they would get along well together
4 Al B. and Grandpa W. => Both in oil/gas refinery biz
5 Josh P. and Greg J. => They may know each other, have similar ministries
6 Chad G. and Roger W. => Same reason as number three
Sarah P. and Brittany N. => Same reason as number six


My rolodex is broken…

I need to meet more people so I can fill in the rest…
8 =>
10 =>

Comment. Favorite. Like. Retweet. Dm. Please get to know me and let me get to know you!

If any of you read this and are interested I will make arrangements, given I get permission first.

Oh and this guys sweater smells. I meant to wash it before wearing it. But hey life happens.

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