How to smuggle $50,000,000 in stolen gold bars out of the country

It took a massive oil spill and a fiery explosion to discover it.

“The car’s equipped with everything anyone can imagine,” said Inspector Detector.

It is over 200 yards long. The main engine has 7500 horsepower and each additional engine has 1500 horsepower. Overall it specs out at a total 30,000 horsepower. And can go over 500 miles per hour!

Who would think that a car that mammoth would ever win a race?

The Mammoth Car was the most ridiculous way to smuggle $50,000,000 in stolen gold bars out of the country.

And as a kid I thought the idea was genius.

Inspector Detector gave away the plot when he was first inspecting the vehicles, yet the Mammoth car passed inspection right under their noses. All because it was empty inside and the inspection team was wowed at the flashy specs.

Good thing Speed Racer’s little brother accidently crashed The Mammoth Car causing the environmentally damaging oil spill and potentially deadly inferno.

But none of this would have happened without one man.

That man is Racer X. Often I wished Racer X would show up and save me from the trouble I got myself into. Racer X was more than just a good dude. He would sacrifice winning races to protect Speed from drivers who tried to harm him. And this assistance from Racer X nearly always led to Speed winning races, leaving Racer X in second place.

And then Racer X always left the scene unnoticed, receding into his secret life.

But maybe instead of waiting for Racer X to show up, just maybe I can be Racer X to someone else.

Back to Speed. I was always envious of his Mach 5 and all its cool features that were easily deployed by pressing buttons marked “A” through “G” on the center of the steering wheel.

Mostly I want a self-driving car, but only if they do it the right way.

Day 61 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Just like the Mach 5, today’s ideas are crazy things I would want my car to be able to do.

1 I want the wheels to transform from basic street tires into monster truck tires with a lift in order to easily escape traffic situation by just driving over any terrain into the sunset.

2 The inside to be a bed for me to sleep while my self-driving car takes me on the road trip.

3 A hover feature for when I need to cross water to get to cool places that don’t have bridges.

4 A feature where the car body spins around so that you could park with the front in and then when you go to pull out you are facing front out. This way you don’t have to back into a spot to have the front facing out later.

5 The ability for the car to travel laterally in addition to front and back.

6 Chameleon paint option. Just a touch of a button and your car is a different hex code color.

7 Transformer ability. Jeep one day. Sports car the next. All in one unit.

8 Bubble exhaust. Because why not fill the world with bubbles while you drive?

9 The Jetson’s style foldable car.

10 A vehicle made out of solid gold. I had to say it….


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