Why Holden Caulfield Thinks What I Would Tell My 25 Year Old Self Is Phony

Extremely busy lately, gotta keep today short too. I’m free a bit more next week so I will make it a point to make these more better-ish.

Day 64 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 things I wish I knew at age 25

1 Choose yourself
2 Stop focusing on money so much
3 Find ways to do what you dream, write
4 Study what you want to do (writing), not what you think will get you a job that pays more money
5 Nobody cares what you majored in
6 Nobody cares if you are certified
7 Almost nobody cares what you think
8 Health and Wellness matter more in marriage
9 To know my plans (which weren’t very good anyways) would fall apart and it was for the better
10 It’s gonna be okay

I knew more at 25, but not as much as I thought I did when I was Holden’s age.

I learn I know less the older I get. I guess he would think I was a phony and he’d probably be right.


P.S. Want to know who influenced me the most?

I will give you a hint, one was James Altucher.

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature him along with eight other prominent people.

The story will tell how I discovered them, and why you should care.

Don’t believe me?

Find out for yourself by joining me to Conspire to Inspire.



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