How This Guest Post Made Me A Better Person

Many people might be discouraged by this.

As an idea machine, an idea “flew into my funnel” as the say on Thomas & Friends. Two week into Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I came across someone who was working on being an idea machine and was on the same day as I was. She was posting her ideas on her blog like I was too!

But instead of discouragement, I thought it was awesome!

The blogger you ask? Maja Gray: @maja_gray.

Yesterday I had an idea to ask Maja to guest post on my blog. She recently wrote on Day 60 about Lessons Learned So Far in this process. I was excited and encouraged when I read it and could relate on several of the points. Which led me to wanting to share it with my readers with her permission.

The following his her post found at


Day 60: Lessons Learned So Far

Wow! Hard to believe that I am on Day 60 of becoming an Idea Machine! Amazing! So many lessons learned so far!

I wanted to add a special post to share what I have learned so far, as I know it will only be the beginning of this journey I started 60 days ago!

Here are just a few of the changes I have noticed, as I know that are many more that I am not yet aware of but will show themselves between now and Day 180!

Publicly Committing – I never imagined when I sat down to write my Day 1 exercise 60 days ago that by committing to write it and then post on my website would have such a positive effect on me. The thought that I would be posting every single day for 180 days never crossed my mind, as I was just thinking one day at a time. Kind of like road to any journey starts with one step after another.

Brain Training – I have always been a big fan of working out every day, including working out my brain by doing daily Lumosity exercises. But these exercises of creating a list of 10 very specific exercises each day has taken my brain to a whole new level. In fact, my lumosity scores have gone through the roof these last 60 days (I’ve been doing lumosity for about 2 years) and the only thing I can contribute that to is adding my idea machine exercises!

Broaden my thinking – I am expanding my thinking, broadening my horizons. There have been many days where I have had to do research for the daily exercise. (The yoga pose exercise comes to mind!) And I love getting to learn new things as it challenges me to grow!

Love talking about my lists with friends everyday – It has become a daily habit to discuss my Idea Machine daily exercises around the dinner table. We have a lot of fun talking about them and even coming up with some new ideas that I hadn’t thought about!

New way of seeing – I find myself coming up with lists of 10 things all the time already and in every area of my life. And even in meetings when I’m hearing others suggest 3 or 4 new ideas, I insist that we come up with at least 10!!

Adding value to others – Even thought we don’t officially start giving away our ideas until Day 90, I am already trying to come up with ideas to help my friends, my clients, and my family. As my focus has always been to add value in every situation and now I have new tools in my tool box!!

Reading More – I find myself reading more. Which also helps me expand my horizons!

Writing More – Even thought I have had several different websites and blogs, I’ve always had a hard time writing consistently. And well, that is all in the past, as I’ll have 180 posts in 180 days. I do enjoy writing, and am learning much more about the skill of writing. And so I will be excited to look back on my posts after the 180 days to see what I have learned!

These last 2 changes that I have noticed are less concrete and much more about an over all intuition that I have that something pretty amazing is happening to my life right now.

Taken my life off auto-pilot – All of the above changes that I have noticed have really compounded into this feeling like my life has been taken off auto-pilot and that I am creating this whole new adventure that is unfolding before my very eyes….and it is super exciting! It’s like finding something that you didn’t know was lost, until you found it again.

Knowing something much bigger is happening – Both James in Choose Yourselfand Claudia in Becoming An Idea Machine, talk about how your life will change every 6 months of doing the 10 ideas a day. And while I am only on Day 60 of those 180 Days, I already have a very very strong sense that something is happening, something is shifting and it is the most amazing feeling. I can truly say that I will never go through another day of my life without coming up with at least 10 ideas!

I know I still have 120 Days to go….but I am so very excited. Thank you and feeling very grateful!


Thank you Maja for allowing my to share your post.

Like I said before I can relate to these as I go through this process also. I hope the posts I have written have added value to people’s lives and I too have gotten back to reading more and now writing more too!

The point of taking my like off auto-pilot strikes me to the core. I had not exactly given up on life but I had become very complacent. I know I am capable of more but I have a default auto-pilot setting that is set to coast and not do more than the bare minimum. Sucks because I am so full of life and should share it with others.

I love adventure and have cloistered up in an illusion of safety. Helping almost no one. Unintentionally I fell into the classic life of the working drone and I am fighting to escape. I know there is so much more out there if I am willing to move beyond what is easy and comfortable and strive to achieve greatness.


As I put it in my book Conspire to Inspire (available FREE here):

“When watching football I notice that most all teams punt of fourth down. If I were a coach I would go for it. I know that there is a long term strategy to the game. However, any time I see them punt it I get the sense that they are playing not to lose.

When you go for it on fourth down you are playing to win!

I want to live my life in a play it to win mentality. I have spent too many years wasted on playing not to loose. And guess what? I didn’t loose (yet…). But I didn’t win either. I have not be happy, or successful, or creative living a life of hedging my bets and worrying about the future.

Theodore Roosevelt was winning at life.

So can you when you live to win instead of living not to loose.”


My goal is to go for it each and every day!

You can’t get your time back.

Now is the time.


What do you think about living to win? What points did Maja make that you relate with? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @StrangerArray.

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