Almost There

Day 68 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 ways we will be using technology different in 10 years

1 Jetsons style machine for getting ready for the day

I always loved watching the opening sequence and seeing how easy it was with the machince helping shower, brush teeth, comb hair, etc. for George to get out the door on time and ready to go. Hello sleeping in!

2 Automatically turn off lights in homes

I have seen this in public places like schools, but having it in the home will save people on their electric bill. It would be easy because the technology already exists, just a new application.

3 Hands free bathroom in home

Again bringing public uses into home. I’m talking full hands ree experience. Doorless vestibule entrance. Hands free flush. Hands free soap dispenser. Hands free sink. Hands free paper towels. The complete package.

4 Roomba type lawn mower

Do they already exist? I don’t know but it would be easier than pushing a lawn mower around my yard. And time saving too!

5 Nutrition analysis technology app

It can scan meal with camera and it records your nutrition and makes recommendations on your needs. Helps cut back all the manual entry of data. The main reason I quit using other food/fitness apps.

6 Auto tinted windows (like glasses with progressive transition lenses)

We have screens on windows but then it is either too dark or too light. They have cross hatch that get in the way of clear visuals. I know there are films you can put on windows. I would like window class that works like the eyeglasses so you don’t have to put film on them.

7 Better technology to deal with unpleasant bathroom smells

Come on bathrooms stink! Air fresheners just mix fruity flower smells into the mix. They don’t eliminate the odors. Nobody gonna be spraying Febreze after each use. Especially in public places. Let’s get on this people for noses everywhere!

8 Roads with heating elements to melt snow

This was an idea my work friend Billy came up with one day during the past ice storm. It was so good I wanted to share it because it fit into this topic. The idea is already out there and in the works. But I think if more people are into it then it can and will happen faster.

9 Roads with solar panels to collect electricity

During our conversation about the heating elements, we also though how cool it would be to have some solar panel surface to collect solar electricity to use for the heating element. Bam! One idea becomes two!

10 Roads that have info to guide self driving cars and charge their electric drive wirelessly with the solar panel electricity

Then two ideas became three as we continued our conversation. What if the solar collecting, snow melting, road panels could also have information in them to help GPS guide our driver-less cars we will have in the future?  They would be able to provide feedback to the network of your position to keep other cars from crashing into each other. Also as a bonus the collected electricity could be wirelessly transferred to the vehicles, eliminating the need to charge them at home and simultaneously increasing their range because you wouldn’t be likely to ever run out of power.

11 Virtual noise cancellation fence

This is so you and your dogs don’t hear your neighbors dog bark, especially during your afternoon nap. It would be like a sci-fi force field around your yard. I know there are ear plugs, but not for dogs. Also it could work in reverse. Now you can party as loud as you want. Rock out in your garage. No neighbor noise complaints.

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