Are You Raising An Entitled Child?

One day I was at my current job and helping a math tutor get to one of the areas he needed to go to help the students. I had been talking to him for awhile and had explained to him how I was (at the time) certified to teach math but was not successful in finding a teaching position anywhere in the entire state of Texas. Then he asked me something I had never given much thought to. “Why should they hire you?” he said. Mentally my jaw dropped. How dare he insult me with this demeaning question. Why should they I thought? Because I am certified and therefore qualified to do so.

I gave him some vague non-answer.

But I did not forget this interaction and my underwhelming response. No wonder I never got hired I thought. I had no reason why anyone should have let me be a teacher.

Another time as a kid I threw a fit I didn’t get the video game I wanted for my birthday. I didn’t realize how dumb that was until I grew up.

I didn’t even realize that I had such an entitlement mindset.

Day 70 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Ten books titles with a color (that may or may not mean something else)

1 No Red Racket
2 Blue: Before It’s Too Late
3 Yellow Way Home
4 Green Me
5 Lonely Orange
6 Purple Betrayal
7 Take A Pink
8 Gray-V Train
9 It’s All Brown In The End
10 Black Absence

What titles can you come up with?

You might not think you are, but maybe if you are not careful you too may raise an entitled child.


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