I Did It!

Day 71 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

I Did List

I was gonna cheat and write a “To-Do” list as my “I Did” list. And then work on doing the list.

I even put it in past tense to encourage myself to do my “to-do” list.

Here it is:

1 Mowed my lawn
2 Fixed my bookcover
3 Organized a plan for podcasting
4 Submitted paperwork for tuition reimbursement
5 Developed a plan for better blog posts
6 Chores i’ve been neglecting (dishes/laundry)
10 Wrote this and posted it

But then life happened and so here is my actual “I Did” list:

1 Woke up late
2 Worked
3 Got gas for my lawnmower
4 Spilled gas
5 Went to the store
6 Spilled gas again
7 Actually mowed my lawn
8 Decided I got the wrong tool (and came up with an idea), so I went back to the store
9 Came home and worked on digging up my back yard
10 Got a blister on my hand
11 Kissed my wife
12 Worked on the yard more
13 Showered
14 Ate dinner
15 Went to the store a 3rd time
16 Ate a snack
17 Wrote this and posted it

Even though I wanted to-do my to-do list things. I feel great doing the things I did. Not being restricted is nice, but also I didn’t get things done I needed to get done.

Oh well.


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