The Many Hats Of Entrepreneurs


Have You Heard of The Babypreneur?

The internet these days has no shortage of plays on the word entrepreneur.

Yogipreneur yielded me about 8,370 results in 0.47 seconds.

Authorpreneurship came in about 11,100 results in 0.64 seconds.

Edupreneurship with about 33,500 results in 0.37 seconds.

Technopreneurship a whopping 274,000 results in 0.34 seconds!

And I am sure there are an infinite number more.

What is your favorite _____trepreneur?

I am declaring 2015 the year of the Entrepreneurs.

Heck, even I became an entrepreneur this year!

Our society is shifting seismically.

We all know how connected the world is and are only at the edge of all of the new possibilities for a more internet assisted life.

And there are kids who have not live in the Pre-Internet Age.

What is your experience with entrepreneurship?

Is all this noise about the next whateverpreneur just hot air?

Maybe I can find a good baby to consult for my business needs…

Have something you want advertised?

You can have it posted here at the end of my blog via my Fiverr gig.



Conspire To Inspire: Everything Is Awesome When You Are Part Of A Team



Looking to make a change but need a swift kick in the pants to get you started?

Sometimes it takes a little push to get going.

In Conspire to Inspire you will get a jolt of inspiration via a compilation of profiles of the people that have inspired me to do more with my life. This book will share with you who the people are who inspired me, when I first came to know about them, why I think they are inspirations and how they have impacted my life in a positive direction!

This quick read will encourage you to build your own team of influencers and share your inspirational story with the world!

That is why I ask you to join me and Conspire to Inspire.

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