How Success Can Make You Sick


Is There A Secret Door To Success?

Success means many things to many people. You might dream up images of large yachts sailing to private islands where you can enjoy soaking up the sun while you read a good book and sip your favorite cocktail.

Or perhaps you are the active type who would love a challenging struggle climbing the shear face of a rock wall in a picturesque location near a rushing river you just successfully navigated via your rafting skills.

What is success specifically?

That is what people are always selling, right?

As for me, I have come to find out that what makes me feel successful is to do something meaningful. This means finding things to do during the day that are not waste of time but things that I can be proud of accomplishing. Things that when they are complete I can look at (sometimes figuratively speaking) and know that they were worth the effort.

For Day 78 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I am to list 10 Things I Would Like To See Happen In My Life Within the Next Year with a brief explanation why. Hopefully you will be inspired by what I want to make happen and it will spark you to action on things that YOU want to get done in YOUR life.


1 Publish the book that my wife and I am co-writing: All Natural: Being 100% You

Which means:

We need to finish writing the book. Stay tuned for more on that as it happens.

I want to do this for two reasons, a) to encourage Sarah and show her that she too has good ideas to share and b) to have a second book that can grow our community of readers


2 Start A Podcast with Sarah

Which means:

We need to come up with more podcast ideas and find out actually how to do it. We have a few sites to help us get started.

We also want to do this to grow our community and online presence.


3 Create An App

Which means:

Learning how to do so. We plan on using a guide suggested by Bryan Harris called “Avoiding a Goat Rodeo” by Cal Evans.

We’ve got some ideas. Now to execute.


4 Study Copywriting

Which means:

I need to focus up like Michael Bolton.


But seriously thanks to CopyBlogger I have a plan.


5 Finish The Landscape Project For My Front + Back Yard

Which means:
I need to find funding to do the project.


6 Speak At ONE Paid Event

Which means:

Making connections and learning more about the speaking trade.


7 Organize ONE Crowdfunding Project

Which means:

Learn everything under the sun about crowdfunding.


8 Get Away

Which means:

I would like to get away for about 2 to 3 days.

Kinda like the old adventure trips I took in college.

I will have to share more about them later. I would have a outline of a plan. More of just a heading of where I wanted to go. No accommodations. A few snacks/water and a notebook.

It was awesome!


9 Read 100 Books

Which means:

Seriously though, I am “currently” reading through a list of 100 books. I’ve read about 78 and stalled out. I would like to make noticeable progress towards finishing the list.

I hope for maybe 3 to 5 books. But I’m again need to focus up.


10 Try To Take Over The World

Which means:

As Brain always told Pinky, when he asked, “What are we going to do tonight?”

Because when you set out to make things happen, sometimes it feels like you are trying to take over the world.


Too much success can make you sick of working all the time. Of failing. Of being lonely. Or just tired.


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