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FOUND: Ancient Dinosaur Tooth + ALIEN Soap!

After some digging a local man found an ancient dinosaur tooth and what can only be described as a fossilized bar of soap that most likely was left by aliens during the Triassic era.

“I was turning over some soil to reseed my lawn,” Dan said when interviewed. “And then I hit something hard. My first though was maybe I hit a pipe or somethin’. But then I just kept diggin.”

“I found the dino tooth first. I knew it right away when I saw it. I’ve been to dozen of museums and what not because I am kind of into dinosaurs since I was little.

I wiped the sweat off my brow and dropped to my knees.

My eyes teared up.

I knew I had something special in my hands. I carefully removed it from the earth and placed it on my porch. My dogs couldn’t stop sniffin’ it. They were going nuts.

I had a ton of earth to move so I had to get back to work before I could deal with the fossil.

That’s when I hit the jackpot!

I saw it but this one I didn’t know what it was right away. The dimensions were perfect. It was preserved so well. And I got to thinkin’. If dinosaurs were here I remember what else was around at that time that could cause such a geometric oddity.

Aliens of course.

I remembered back to the History Channel episode I watched that explained all about the secret messages left by ancient cultures in reference to visitors from another world. The old societies painted distinct shapes that could only be described as extra-terrestrials.

That got my brain buzzin’. And right then I knew I needed to come up with some ideas of messages to send in case I could make first contact.


Day 80 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 Three Word Messages For Interplanetary Communication


1 Howdy. Laugh often.

2 Give. Grow. Gratis.

3 Imagine. Create. Love.

4 Rethink. Rewrite. Revolution.

5 Socks. Clocks. Rocks.

6 Happy. Somber. Cycle.

7 Anger. Fear. Anxiety.

8 Music. Dancing. Delight.

9 Fire. Food. BBQ.

10 Learn. Strive. Die.


Want more FAKE NEWS?

Let me know and I’ll make it up. Just like real news…



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