Say It Ain’t So

“Fantastic, thanks for asking.”

If you are like me you talk to people every day.

That is normal. Right?

Sure, but not everyone is as comfortable in communication as others.

I think you should talk to strangers more.

If you grew up like I did you were told to never talk to strangers. Which is probably great advice for children, but many people carry that on into their adult lives.

When you think about it all of your friends were strangers at one point.

Without talking to strangers you would have no friends. Seriously.

No friends.

Who wants that?

Talking to strangers is a missed opportunity for most people. I am not suggesting to become friends with everyone you meet, although I do advocate being friendly.

Just be open to talking to someone you might not otherwise talk to in your everyday life. For most people it can start with a cashier as you are waiting in line. Sure you could just awkwardly stare around while they ring up your groceries. Or you could engage that human being standing across from you.

Now, no need to get highly personal. Although some people awkwardly do.

Start with something small. “Small talk” duh. Be vulnerable. When asked if you found everything alright, answer truthfully. Don’t be entitled, angry or irate for these are not becoming. If it was yes say so and add to it. If not say so and explain why.

One word answers kill small talk.

And people kill small talk on purpose. I say engage in it.

You never know what you might find out about someone and you may make a connection (although sometimes brief) and know that you are part of something greater in the world.

Life is worth taking the chance for. And small talk bridges those gaps of time that occur between two or more people. The choice is yours connect or miss out. And hey, you might just make a new friend or two along the way.

Sometimes though when talking to people they might say a common idiom or expression. Usually we go along with them because we get what they mean.

But when you stop to think about it some sayings are strange.


Day 81 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 Expressions we often use which may or may not necessarily mean what

we think they mean or may not be appropriate for the situation


I don’t intended to explain the phrase per se or any of these….

1 cool beans

I had a friend in high school who would say this. Lately I’ve picked it up and been using it often. Mostly in text communications. It has nothing to do with beans at all.

2 awesomesauce

This one I picked up maybe from my sister. Or the internet. Or a movie. I have no idea but it is awesomesauce.

3 shit hits the fan

Not sure I would want to be around when they came up with this one.

4 float it out there

It’s like a chicken way to say I didn’t mean to say what I meant to say.

5 put your money where your mouth is

Money is dirty. Please don’t eat it.

6 money talks

Sure if it is in your mouth. People say this when they want more money. Maybe they should talk using money.

7 work smarter, not harder

Neither, please. Why not not work at all? Passive income. Sure there is a front load of work but then, there is still work….

8 flake out

Did someone have a ton of dandruff?

9 dog days

I actually looked into this one. Very interesting. Well slightly interesting.

10 Popo Zao

Just laugh.



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