But first lemme take a selfie

So I forgot to do this earlier and now I am about to go to bed,

but first lemme take a selfie…


Day 82 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

10 Selfies that could have a philosophical message


1 A Selfie with…. an American flag draped around my shoulders.

2 A Selfie with…. with two guns pointed outwards toward the sky.

3 A Selfie with…. an ancient Greek or Roman robe.

4 A Selfie with…. a large wooden cross.

5 A Selfie with…. with several stacks of cash.

6 A Selfie with…. a big table full of food and me at the table with handcuffs on preventing me from eating.

7 A Selfie with…. throwing a cigarette out the car window and it starting a grass fire along the roadside.

8 A Selfie with…. tape over my mouth that says something controversial.

9 A Selfie with…. in an enclosed space with a feedbag around my neck/mouth area.

10 A Selfie with…. several golf clubs on a very green well watered golf course with deserts in the background.


This was the best I could do in about 10 minutes….


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