Don’t Hold Back Your Awesomeness


Stop playing Angry Birds on your phone and get more money

I want to take a moment and share with you about the above post I read recently. The above link will take you to the article which I will be referring to in this post.

People think they want more money.

Few people want to do what it takes to get it.

Most rather just play on their phone.

“I can’t start a business!” they say.

“Here are the mental objections that you are probably voicing in your head, and how they are just well thought out excuses.”

I will go over a few of what she writes about as examples. It is easy to come up with excuses so you don’t have to do anything. Or just to say you rather not have something. It is like telling your dog to sit 20 times and being ignored. And then when he is sitting say “sit” and then be pleased with yourself and him for listening.

You only changed the goal. You didn’t achieve anything.


Let us look at the 1st excuse:

“Objection #1: I’ve got no money to start a business!

Rebuttal #1: You can start a business with $100. Stop and think about the last time that you wasted $100 on something or someone that turned out to have zero or negative value in your life. Then re-evaluate if you can’t afford to invest $100 in your own business.”

I know I have personally spent more than $100 on things that were not even worth it.

The end result is that money was not spent in a way to earn more.

I have found for me this has a lot to do with the mindset you have when you get the money. Are you waiting to get paid to go blow it? Or to save it? Or to invest it in something greater?

The choice is yours.


Number 2:

“Objection #2: I’ve got no clients lined up for this business!

Rebuttal #2: Then learn how to get some. See, it’s that simple. There are five rules that players follow to win clients. If you are determined, you can learn what you need to know about the psychology of selling and every aspect of how to prospect, win, and retain clients.”

I have not exactly mastered this. However I continue to learn and research on best ways to reach more people.

I think it is important to build relationships and not just view people as potential wallets to be pried open.



Objection #3: What if I fail or get rejected?

Rebuttal #3: The worst thing that anyone can do is tell you “no” in the sales process. And then you move on to the next one. Now, do you remember when you were three years old and your parents told you “don’t do that.” What did you do? You did it anyways! As children we have a bravery that we lose as adults. Just remember that rejection bears no physical pain.”

Rejection happens. Everyday.

Keep on going. It is hard to hear but it is going to take work to make things work. Bottom line.


The fourth reason:

“Objection #4: I’ve got no time for a business.

Rebuttal #4: We all have the same amount of time given to us in a day. We make decisions about how it is taken up. Invest your time in the best possible investment you could ever make: yourself. This will save you time in the long run by creating more income stability, prosperity, and financial freedom.”

No one has time for anything, but some how 24ish hours pass each day.

Everyone has to choose how they use the time they have.

Choose yourself.




“Objection #5: But I’ve got kids! I can’t do this when I have kids and a mortgage!

Rebuttal #5: Time spent going to work at your job is investing your time making someone else’s family rich. At the high tax rates of today, your boss’s family and the government are profiting at the expense of your family. You’re a helper, not a player.”


The summary is what I find to be of great value to consider:

“The economic system will ultimately punish you for attempting lifelong loyalty to one employer. Over and over again, you will inevitably become:

Laid off



Replaced by robots or iPhone apps

Having your job outsourced to a lower wage emerging market

Paying taxes so high that you will lack motivation to work hard.

Paying insurance premiums so high that you will get revolving wallet syndrome (see Glossary)

Forced to take multiple part time jobs which provide low wages and lack health benefits

Dependent on one source of income which depends heavily on your ability to impress your management and the company’s ability to sustain profits. These are factors that are more or less out of your control.”

If these sound good to you, then keep on your current life track.

As for me? I’m ready to get off this path and start something new.

Thanks Sara Grillo.



Day 83 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Idea Sex: Take the 10 People I know but have not been in touch with lately (Day 73) and match them up with qualities from Day 75 that was what Sarah was all about.


1 Grandma P. — Being amazing
2 Kevin W. — Being Brave
3 Steve H. — Helping People Grow
4 Andrew H. — Becoming Your Best Version Of Yourself
5 Andrew S. — Being Bold
6 Tyler B. — Challenging Conventional Wisdom
7 Keith B. — Leadership
8 Chad G. — Kindness
9 Grace B. — Encouragement
10 Nick M. — Not Being Afraid Of Making Mistakes


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