Do YOU Allow Yourself This Luxury?

We all need a break every once in a while.

The question is:

Do YOU Allow Yourself This Luxury?

Most people don’t. I should more. But usually I don’t. Even for my break I am writing. Interestingly when I logged into WordPress it told me today was my 3 year Anniversary with!

What a good day to take a break.

For my break I am grateful to feature a guest post from my lovely wife. Just yesterday she was telling me about how she feels like she is losing her creativity. I could not help but to suggest to her to “Become An Idea Machine“.

Hopefully she will take my suggestion seriously.

She has taken it seriously enough to take on today’s ideas.


Day 87 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Ten Dreams I Remember From My Life and roughly what they were about


Without further ado, here is Sarah on this topic:



The dreams that I remember usually have very strange and alarming story lines.

As a kid I used to have recurring nightmares…it was pretty crazy. I was so scared to go to sleep. I asked my mom about this recently. Did she remember me coming to her bed every night because I was too afraid to go to sleep? She did. We laughed about it.

I used to experience this dream where my older sister had an evil clone (or someone was masquerading as my sister) and I have to figure out which was my real sister. That was my strangest reoccurring dream.
Now days, the dreams that I remember are just as bizarre (just in adult version). I’m not sure there is such a thing as normal dreams. I’ve noticed that a lot of the dreams I remember are associated with stressful things happening in my life, like work and family. I hate work dreams. You spend all day working then go to sleep and work some more.

The worst by far are crazy nap dreams! You only meant to take a cat nap but fell into a rem cycle and woke up dazed and confused 2 hrs later. I always have a crazy dream and can’t quite distinguish what is reality when I first wake up. God forbid it be hot in the room I’m taking a nap in. Then I wake up angry, dazed and confused. I don’t take very many naps any more, lol!

For me, dreams are super hard to remember. Often I know that I had a crazy dream and have a vague idea of that it was but can’t seem to remember the details, even if it was the dream from last night.

10 dreams I remember from my life and roughly what they were about
Here are 10 dream types that I remember having:

1. There’s something seriously wrong with everyone else dream
Like my sister had an evil clone…ahh! Of course, I’m the only one who knows what is going on and everyone thinks I’m crazy.

2. I’m being chased dream
By a bus, van or someone on foot and, and just like in the movies, I’m always on foot and at the disadvantage.

3. I cant get anything done dream
Feel like I’m in an alternate universe. It’s like the whole world is working against me! Probably my least favorite kind of dream…a little to close to real life sometimes.

4. I’m at School dream
Generally I’m doing whatever I want and just goofing around or everything is going wrong and I’m failing

5. I’m at Work dream
Same as school dreams. These really suck because it’s like your brain hasn’t got enough work. Really? I worked all day, do I have to work all night too?

6. I’m traveling dream
To strange far off places. I don’t generally a rive at the destination.

7. Location dream
It could be an enormous hotel or someone’s house; the grocery store or a theme park.

8. I’m doing something really embarrassing dream
We’ve all heard about the embarrassing naked dreams. Well, I don’t think I have ever had one of those but I have had some other embarrassing ones. Use your imagination!

9. Birds Eye View dream
These are interesting and kinda creepy. Its where you are sort of floating above everything that is going on and just watching.

10. Reoccurring dream
Last but not least the dreaded reoccurring dream. You may have had a good reoccurring dream but not me. They always seem sot be wacky. But I guess that’s how it goes for dreams.


Thank You Sarah for the break!


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