Eat Your Heart Out James Joyce


Maybe If His Eyes Were Not So Bad He Could Write Better

I only got up to get water and go to the bathroom.

I had been reading through it here and there but I now wanted to finish it to be done with it once and for all.

I spent four straight hours finishing Ulysses.

It is to this day the worst book I ever read.

I don’t care if it is supposed to have meaning or metaphor. It is nothing but a garble of words on a page. I understand what the idea behind that type of writing is, but his was just terrible.

I have read other authors who used “stream of consciousness”. For starters I would say that Hermann Hesse did a good job with it in his novel Steppenwolf. He begins the narrative like any other story but ultimatly weaves into a “stream on consciousness” at the appropriate crescendo of the story. Leaving me with fascination and interest.

Jack Kerouac would be the second choice in “good” “stream of consciousness” writing. He tales of the beatniks in “On The Road”, “The Dharma Bums”, and “The Subterraneans”, to name a few I have read, always seem to keep the plot on point and moving. Jack used the technique masterfully.

Finally Fyodor. Mr Dostoevsky is the author on this list that I have most read. Although “Crime and Punishment”, “The Idiot”, and “The Brothers Karamazov” are all good reads and employee some “stream of consciousness”, I would agree with this article “10 WRITERS WHO USE STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE” that “his 1864 novella Notes from Underground also sits amongst the classics of Russian literature.” I think this novella is a great example of well done “stream of consciousness” writing.

Why all the critic?


Day 88 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine.

Today’s Assignment: Write Ten “stream of consciousness” paragraphs.


I. My $45 Mistake

The music is not what I normally like but the smells are good I told my self I was allergic to pizza but here I am about to eat it again but hey we are getting salad too and that’s good right? People smile but do they mean it or are they just fishing for tips? Fishing is so boring how long will this order take and why are there so many people here on a Saturday? I guess that is normal would I pay $1 a minute for a neck massage I would Sarah not so much I like to have massages but every breath you take I’ll be watching you. Creepy.

II. Going Nowhere?

The path of least resistance will lead the to bottom of the pond where there is nothing but scum and you are more than scum so much more and deserve better well maybe not deserve but are capable and can achieve it but it will take you reaching out for it searching for it striving for it driving for it and in your car you drive yourself to prison you wait in line to lock yourself up and throw away your brain and then it is drained and you fight your way home to watch a box of other people living their life and you see products you should buy next time you get your small check but alas it is another 3 days away and your got nothing to eat but eggs and so you do what you gotta do but is it gonna be this or something greater?


III. Attention Please

Pay attention to me please I am desperate for affection and I need affirmation for an outside source to fill up my cup and keep my light on because I am fading away I am burning out and I am doing everything as I scream and shout you see me ear and smile ear to ear as you find a way to screw me over because you are only out for yourself and no one else but hey what is new and the sky is still blue but we are go on anyways and pass each and everyone of our days just waiting to die or until we drop these chains and fly.


IV. Lights

The lights shine bright and the sun is too bright to stare straight at it but we continue to do it because we were told not to and that is the best way to get us to do anything. We thrive on going against the grain on using our brain and not giving in and in not giving up but trying more and dying more it takes failing to succeed or so I am told but I am too afraid to try to afraid to die but I will put myself out there and catch the arrows with my teeth as I face the blows, whips and chains that try to confine our brain.


V. The Adventure Begins

We start in the comfort and are hoisted out into a unfamiliar world were we cry because we don’t to be here and nobody asked us but we have to fight to survive as we go out on the adventure that was never meant to be because they missed the opportunity to stop it before it began it was an accident again and then there was a fight this is not right and the crying began and the yelling slamming of doors and ignored text and calls and the is only one person left you know who can take you but the get cold feet and bail and your left on your own.


VI. Can I Get An Amen?

Can I Get An Amen? The preacher man says as the crickets chirp and the spiders spin their webs the janitor brushes them aside as he sleepily sweeps the isle idly thinking as the hours past of where was it he remembered last of the phrase or line that was on his mind because it is at the tip of his tongue or deep within his lung gasping to get out to where the ear will hear and the eye will see that someone else does in fact agree.


VII. Obey

Sit. Stay. Wait one more day. Who is telling you this anyway? You search your life, you search your room, you look about you and you see that you are alone, pushing papers up that hill, trying to get a buck to pay the bill but where did all these chains and shackles build were you the one who did it to yourself? You shrink from the thought that you cannot bear. It could not be you you must find someone else to blame or else admit your errors in shame it is your life to be set free but to stay here in slavery is so much easier the comfort is nice but it is killing you at a price. So I ask one last time who’s voice will you listen to, yours or mine?


VIII. Winter Sucks

The cold fills my house as I fight back with a worn blanket that tries its best to hold on with one last thread but underneath I shiver and rub my hands to keep warm. The fire was out and never lasted long anyways the work it takes to start it again would ruin you because you have ended up so thin. You failed to head the warning cry to stock your pile very high you thought you had enough you say to make it through this storm anyway but you knew it was a lie you told yourself as you open the door and say the bare shelf but the ice was at least a half inch thick your told and there is no way you are going out on that road. It is an ice storm in Texas, better shut things down.


IX. Terrible

As I write these I can’t help but think they are terrible. So lame and so much the same. I am not so cleaver as I had hoped and with each line I think is this a joke? A “stream of consciousness” about itself must be a sorta inception type moment and I wonder why I rhyme so poorly and what is it for oh yeah I remember I was going to say that these don’t make sense much anyway because they lack the context of a good story there is nothing on the either side to make them fit but they are just out naked on their own and then we go on and on.


X. Thank You

Thank you loyal reader for hanging in here so long. I have nothing else to say other than I see you tomorrow, or yesterday?


P.S. Why would anyone let another person affect their thoughts and behaviors?

Are we not independent and self-reliant?

As much as we may be filled with thoughts like these, anyone who is honest will admit that they have been shaped and influenced by several people throughout their life.

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