A Free RV, Alpaca, and Me


I knew it was fake.

But I wanted to believe the listing. If there was a chance I could get it I knew I would be able to turn it quick. Maybe even for a small fortune.

And I wanted the Alpaca. Never mind I had no experience handling one.

But I knew better.

On the off chance I could get one anyways I sent off the digital signal to the listed number.

The free RV offer was fake.

The alpaca? Maybe not? But not getting the RV shot a hole in my plan to transport the alpaca.

Just about everyday I like to browse the “Free” section on my local Craigslist to see what people are trying to give away. Usually there is your standard fare of fallen trees that are listed under “free firewood” and tell you to “bring your chainsaw”. A clever attempt to get someone else to do work for you for free…

Then there is the obligatory piano. I know I have listed my own there before. And the bad news for me was mine was not the nicest “free piano” listing. There seems to be a consistent two to three at all times.

Another classic is landscaping materials such as “fill dirt”; again trying to get someone else to do removal work. Or “broken concrete”. Same. What worries me, but the people I asked didn’t think it was weird is all the “free baby formula” that is being given away. I understand it’s expensive. I rang it up as a cashier all the time. But I guess in my middle class white America I was taught to imagine someone would nefariously poison the baby formula, just like they did our Halloween candy…

For Day 92 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to imagine I am “The Profit”, Marcus Lemonis” and come up with ten ideas to help one of yesterday’s failing business to not only survive but thrive.

The particular business I have in mind is a small local tire shop that seems to be operating out of their house/personal property.

1 New location
2 Better signage
3 Specials to attract new customers
4 Setup supply chain management technique to have JIT inventory when possible
5 Expand to other automotive services (oil changes, inspections, etc.)
6 Create a website that can easily be found and clearly outlines prices for services
7 Have website have a technician corner where the service techs give free advice for car repair
8 Have YouTube video series that shows basic auto maintenance that drives can do at home
9 Create a program that gives back to the community
10 Develop goals and plans for expansion and growth

Some of these are not heavy on detail, but then again I know absolutely nothing about the current state of affairs of the business so I am just guessing at things to improve them.


P.S. Why would anyone let another person affect their thoughts and behaviors?

Are we not independent and self-reliant?

As much as we may be filled with thoughts like these, anyone who is honest will admit that they have been shaped and influenced by several people throughout their life.

Speaking of influential people, what do James Altucher, Dale Carnegie, and Theodore Roosevelt all have in common?

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature these three prominent people along with six others. You will get a quick and to the point glimpse at inspirational people, a story about when I discovered them, and why you should care.

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