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car accident

I got into a car crash. More on that below.

What kind of test taker are you? Do you worry ahead of time? Do you stay up all night and cram? Do you do your homework and then trust yourself? What about socializing with study groups?

There are crazy things people do to get prepared.

And mountains of money being made off tests, prep materials and courses.

Although standardized test may have some value I think they are ridiculous. They are nothing more than a reading test with a bonus for not being tricked by the intentional misleading attempts. I’ve never done poorly on them. But I’ve never thought they were an accurate reflection of what I know. They test very specific skills. Such as guessing the correct answer. And making other people believe you know what you’re talking about. Which, when I think about it, the real world skills…

Certifications exist for just about everything. And these certifications come through testing. Testing where they charge test takers hundreds to thousands of dollars per test.

All run by a series of gatekeepers, who probably couldn’t pass the test themselves…

And the great news is that if you fail you have to pay for it again.

There is a natural fear of failure in our society. Fear is a great motivator. It is used in advertising all the time.

And with all the certifications a promise is dangling in front of you that if you get the certification then one day you might make money. Just like you did with that college degree…

Results will vary.  

This is because people are biased.

I don’t think college is for everyone. I think one day more people realize that there are people like Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad and James Altucher from Choose Yourself that say similar things about college. Yet most people keep going to college and keep paying for it.

However I feel about it, it does make a difference in some people’s eyes.

In elementary school I took the  TAAS test.  We had TAAS test in middle school. I think the 8th Grade one was required for us to pass to advance. And the final test I had to take and pass was in 10th grade.

In my junior year of high school they wanted to switch the TAAS to a new test called the TAKS (Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills). It always sounded to me like the word “tax”. Anyways, seeing that I passed my required TAAS in 10th grade I didn’t have to pass the new TAKS to graduate.

They did however make us take a TAKS test sample.

Because it didn’t count, many of us decided to “throw the test”. We figured it didn’t affect our graduation status anyways. So why try? Plus we pictured that if we all did poorly, maybe they would ease up the questions for future generations.

We might have contributed to the dumbing down of America. Oops.

The SAT seemed like a scam to me. So I skipped it entirely.

On my way to take the ACT I got into a car crash. I was driving along and suddenly the white mid-sized SUV in front of me came to a complete stop! Right in the middle of the road! I didn’t notice in time to react quick enough. Crash! Right into the back bumper. I got out. She got out (on her phone). She was bewildered. I was irritated.

So why even take the ACT?

One reason was it was free for me (unlike the SAT). Another reason was that there was no penalty for guessing wrong. And like all test, it is all just a guess…

In college I became a certified teacher upon graduation.  That career didn’t work out so I have been a bit jaded about teaching. I still think it is worthy and useful and I like to do it. But on my own terms…

Now I am glad it didn’t work out.

One day I just cut the sunk costs. And never looked back.

I am appreciative and thankful for teachers, but thankful I am not one.

For Day 94 of Claudia’s book Become An Idea Machine I get to create 10 workshops I would give, tell what they are about, how long they would be, and what people would do at them.

The first one I have already set up to teach through our local community college. It is How To Self-Publish. The class will walk through the process of self-publishing. I think it is about 3 hours if I am not mistaken and people will see the steps and be encouraged to do it themselves once they learn how.

If you are in the local area drop me a message if you want details once it is available to sign up for.

Secondly how to be a barista.

I did come up with eight more ideas, but I don’t really feel like typing them out and explaining them because it is kinda boring.

Rest assured my idea machine is functioning (thanks in part to my lovely wife).


P.S. Why would anyone let another person affect their thoughts and behaviors? Are we not independent and self-reliant?

As much as we may be filled with thoughts like these, anyone who is honest will admit that they have been shaped and influenced by several people throughout their life.

Speaking of influential people, what do James Altucher, Dale Carnegie, and Theodore Roosevelt all have in common?

When reading Conspire To Inspire, you will find out why I chose to feature these three prominent people along with six others. You will get a quick and to the point glimpse at inspirational people, a story about when I discovered them, and why you should care. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself by joining me to Conspire to Inspire.



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